Bonus Flow
[Verse 1: Uptown XO]
Get ready it's heavy, It's deadly it's 70's
80's, 90's relevant, ever since heaven sent
Evidence better men, let 'em in
Better get etiquette, stepping in my city
Crack right up the block from the president
Smell it as soon as you step in it
(You smell that shit?) Yup there it is
The block is a mother, that segregate parents get
Overshadowed by arrogant
Concrete boulevard, avenues, terraces
Howard you to the home of the terrapins
Never get shit twisted
'Cuz it will be off with your head, and it
Won't be easy to put on your head again
You 'gon feel this, killaz gorillaz
We the trillest, we the villains, the sickest
They said that i couldn't, but look at the way that i did it
The picture we painted about life,coming up right here in the district
We made it cool for K.Dot to do what he do
Oddisee better than Kanye too
Real DC n***a not that other shit, before rap
Was in the trap my gun was the publicist
After Alpo you couldn't come to my city
And you ain't know who Wayne Perry was 'fore jay said it
One album went to number one in the city
We functionally dysfunctional you let them tell it
I know you ain't think that the brothers was through
Fuck it we better than all ya'll too
Call y'all crew, trap rap, that's all ya'll do
This mac in my back pack, will make you call out truce
[Verse 2: yU]
This what they wanted- uppercuts to they stomach
Nup yo ass, and get busted on the mic whenever
We touch it
Look what them suckas loving, that shit that ain't saying nothing
Ahaha I get to chuckling like fuck 'em we way above 'em
Something coming with substance, and crushing that's how we does it
Do this rulers you foolish we finish fellas for fronting
I'm from where dollars are printed
Many monuments in it
Senate be signing shit that determine how we be living
And if you bullshitting
They getting your paper properly like monopoly
So if you don't save up neighbor, wake up you got to leave
Partna' if you do not agree then have a lot of cheese
Or else it is: Officer please take these cuffs off of me
The talk is cheap, less living, better we all would be
Listen if the Diamond District is what you want to see
We stalk the beat so awkwardly, like all of them raw emcees
So what up, put an apostrophe after the awesome three

[Verse 3: Oddisee]
The prodigal sons of the city returning
From the ashes where we rose when the city was burning
From the riots in the streets to the streets that be quiet
The city's ours, you don't believe me come meet me, and try it
I know you mad that a n***a from the county be repping the entire city I do it better without a question
You don't like it, I'm sorry, you n***as sorry, and my shit is absolute, and you prolly
Aye, let me kill these n***as more, let me dig these ditches more, let burn these bridges more, I don't need these n***as though Something they already know, so they say that we cool
You don't fuck with me, my n***a I don't fuck with you
Don't try to be difficult, go on step aside
Diamond District's the crew, and for the city we provide
Taking it international all the way from the capital
This March on Washington, get ready for the ride