Earth, Wind, Fire
[Verse 1: Homeboy Sandman]
Fire marshall on speed dial
Swinging towards the farthest branch
Back at the ranch, meanwhile
Torch lit, cough up bad shit like brother in green mile
It's your local broken release valve
Roads are to ease down
Me and your the cliqua kicking freestyles over pollo guisado
That autograph will cost you a shiatsu and a grease-down
Rockin' a geese down
Stones Throw's in your glass house
Cooking casseroles to them assholes down to their last out
Fresh out of the manhole into the madhouse, and how
I roll with a shamwow for cleaning your cache out
Cats in 4-D, heard demons get cast out
And back at age fourteen, females I asked out
That's when I passed out

[Verse 2: yU]
I love it when the puppet interrupts the puppeteer
Man up, you got a hand up your back, tuck in your tears
Taking is overrated, I'm asking what did you give
One of your ribs like you was Adam for real
Doesn't matter if you had a fatter shadow than him
Razzle dazzling your peers with that [?] ain't even payed for
Four times more than what you could have payed
Could've stayed [?] from now to the grave
You addicted to that bullshit they kicking, huh?
Sounded all young with the ticket-ticket-ticketron
Style, got enough to spare I could lend you some
Go for what I know first, then you up in your come
Comfortable, yeah, got a lung full of air
Saying prayer before I share like a monk with no hair
I titter round with the honor
Line up the rest whether major or minor
Falling behind this diamond district [?]
[Verse 3: Tah Phrum Duh Bush]
Your record labels don't shine me, but they know how to find me
Act blindly, [?] lip service and no eyes like [?]
I'm not your [?], I say that from my spacecraft
In your swimming pool with socks on, a hairy chest and a shaved back
No heroics, I'm diffusing you homophobics
Benching fifty in my zumba class and doing step aerobics
Get my wild guy freestyle on, fly like Arizona in your [?]
[?] like sock-hop [?], get your '78 style on
I do this shit that makes the people who makes the industry
Standers want to shoot me
Like driving around with a dime piece and bird-shaped covered [?]
Do what I want to do
Do what I'm gonna do
Play that background on your [?]
Your style is [?]
Lightweight like [?] is two
[?] very rarely do
Kinda like the summer flu
If you didn't get it you need to rewind
Put my dick in your conscious and fuck with your mind
Tell you mom to be at the [?] around three
She bought the condoms last time, now they on me

[Verse 4: Shad]
From the land of beavers and Bieber and meaters instead of feed 'em features, free verses, my field of research
Teacher at the school of hard knocks where I lecture on leisure
Leader of the new school, Ph-deeper than Steve Kurth
[?] girth of Khalida, my means still got the speed burst
Down the baseline, reverse a lay-up, I'm leaner
I'm like either like free political prisoners are selling t-shirts
With jail bars underneath them reading "free merch"
Sell them after shows for like double what the T's worth
You could spend half the fee on some fried Arabian cheese curds
Eat first and rip the mic, [?]
Rapid be the beats, dirty singing the key words
Even scream it loud as the crowd in the bleachers
It's [?] to be heard, murder mics that seep through your speakers
That won't find peace in police searches
Street persons to keep urbans, we all the same people, let's keep working