This your boy T2 and Big Moe
Holding it down for that Dirty Dirty

[Big Moe]
Now I'm the Moe-da, the R-ola
Yes sir I done told ya, Casanova none thoeder
Stick blower drank po'er, wrecking the cot sober
Lately, yes sir I done heard about ya hating me
Cause the cho-cho's been stacking so, greatly
But the po-po will sho' try to, take me
But the Lord he so quick to pro, make me
Yes sir my life can get, crazy
But I'ma keep my head up, won't let it fade me yes sir

[Hook - 2x]
Now do the Dirty hold it down, (yes sir)
Candy slab ass dragging on the ground, (yes sir)
The dirty South know what I'm tal'n bout, (yes sir)
I'm bout to make the world feel me now, (yes sir)

[Big Moe]
(Big Moe do you believe in God), yes sir I do
If you knew what was good for, you would too
How else could I of made it thru the tribe, the shit is wild
Now that I believe, and I know how
And I promise, that if and when I get caught up
It's fine, that I'm gonna be
Ready, see I know I can make a difference in this world
If you just, let me
I'm so thankful for the day, that you came along
And you just, helped me
And I'm so greatful for the years, that you kept me here
Alive, well and healthy
So while I'm here I'ma ball, customized screens and all
[Hook - 2x]

Now I'm the one behind the, yes sir
T2 and Big Moe, from the City of Syrup
H-Town hold it down, yeah we playa made
Living lavage kicked back, leaning in the shade
Shortstop and Wreckshop, that's a combo
Mixing the colas, in the back is the gumbo
Yeah it's tasty, (mmm) you want some well go get it
That's a concussion for your mind, the first time ya hear it
We screwed up that's slow-mo, Benz Coupe or fo' do'
Thinking talking down on the South is good, that's a no-no
Fa sho tho' boy, you better get your mind right
Expedition outside, and my rims shine bright

[Big Moe]
Coming down, candy paint up on my ride
That's how we do it, on the Southside
It's the T2, and that boy Big Moe
And you know, playas like us we get chose

Yeah I'm the baby hustler yeah, I'm the tri-muscle
Yeah I'm grinding on the streets, making my own hustle
I got you loving that, haters got you mugging that
You bring ya girlfriend around me, and she hugging that
[Hook - 2x]