Jungle (Remix)
[Hook: Maverick Sabre & Professor Green]
I see no point in living life that right, so I just take what I can find
I see no point in living life that right, when your out here in this jungle
It's wild round 'ere, you don't wanna spend a night round 'ere
When your out here in this jungle, ain't nothing nice round 'ere, troubles what you find round 'ere
When your out here in this jungle, in this jungle
Your always caught in this struggle, in this jungle
But you keep asking for trouble, you love? You love when trouble comes your way, your way, your way

[Verse 1: Klashnekoff]
Welcome to the concrete jungle
Yeah, where only so many escape
There's plenty of stakes, lepers and Jakes
Lions, tigers, venomous snakes
They come in all sizes, various shades,
And they're coming for life so be very afraid
Media's come as your bredrens are made
But I'm top of the chain, so them man are bait
It's hunting season, Remington 8
Banana clip, ship weight
Them rappers are eight, blow up in your face
Don't make a mistake and go back in your fate
Cause it goes down, with the deep peace
Where the man dem play police peace
When the streets are paved with faeces
And the youngers are an endangered species
[Verse 2: Wretch 32]

I'm an animal
Learned how to swing in the jungle
Learned the hard way to be humble
Never me stumble
Even when I'm hopping over snakes
It's a peanut race to the top of my estate
We were starving, acting like dinner isn't missed
Can't see the light, behaving like gorillas in the mist
I got a eagle eye, envisioning me finishing my script
And I'm reading like feds when they read my rights, yes
I'll forever hold my peace


[Verse 2: Professor Green]
It's blitz admist the strife here, got kids with sticks and knifes here
It's hype here, we know no different prick;
It's just life here, life the way we know from young the way we're shown
Stacked trapped in flats where our front doors don't face the roads
God CID spinning round in cars
Shifting criminals at large, it's hard, not to think the bits are just a bing without the bars
Jealousy's what the cheddar brings
For the cheddar it's anything goes, low enough to rob newly-weds for their wedding rings
[Verse 3: Malik]
When trouble comes your way go hard or be afraid
In my yard, in my estate, seen trouble in my day
So I'm planning to escape, but I cannot see a way
Scotland Yard got my fingerprints and my DNA
So I move so diligent, parents ain't feeling us
Why? Cause the roadsides took away our innocence
And they wonder why we act so militant
Social engineering got me feeling like a guinea pig
Out the wrong hatch jump in your bimmer
Man'll roar you up before they warm up your dinner
So when you get a pa** in my city don't thank me
Thank P, weapons so lanky brother
Price of life is cheaper than a oner
Sometimes I wonder how I keep from going under
And this is for my youngers who been locked up every summer
Next year the judge is gonna give you crooked score numbers in the jungle

[Bridge: Maverick Sabre]
Every day is warring, never give a warning
Violence is the only way you settle things
Every day is hating, money that I'm making
Jealous cause I'm moving on to better things
Every day is fighting, rolling in the night now
All you do is watch everyone else get far, you say that life is hard
When you're out here in this jungle