110 Sessions

[Verse 1: Jme]
Listen to what I say on the beat
You know my face, Jme
Right now, we're gonna cook up a treat
Five artists, we're all unique
If you got talent, then use it
Stay under control, don't lose it
Cause there's kids going mad on the streets
Please don't forget, it's only music
Still, build up the vibes
Work with people, swallow your pride
Right now you're on your own, struggling
Trying to reach for the sky
Trying to make a tune that's hot
Some people have forgot what's what
I've told you before, must've forgot
Work hard, even when put on the spot

[Verse 2: Skepta]
Yo, Skepta, Klashnekoff
Just Blaze and Jme
I can see MCs hating me
But I know why though
Cause I played his girlfriend like a PlayStation 3
He used to be in front
But now he's chasing me
Nobody would buy his CD even if it was 25p
But Boy Better Know we're cool
I don't care if you buss your tool
Me and Jme sold so many T-shirts
I make Versace look like a fool and
I'm gonna keep on spitting
Till I get a grey beard and a grey tache
You wanna book us? You better pay cash
Boy Better Know, now slow it down for K-Lash
[Verse 3: Klashnekoff]
Yo, yo, save the children
By any which way, I'm making a million
Building a foundation, fam, if the nation is willing
Need to protect the women and really check how we're living
Bare robberies and killing
[?] coppers and villains
Killers killing me softly
Blood spilling like bits of coffee
Kids copycats shotting rocky
Hot buds are bussing their bucky, it's mucky, trust me
Dead bodies slumped over potty
It's potty but if I popped like a spot, they'd probably rob me but
That's the irony
Gotta keep at least five eyes either side of me
A***ysing society cause inside of me
Getting twisted like Siamese with more [?] than Miami beaches
When I'm slicing and dicing these leeches to pieces
They leading people to thesis
They can teach ya about your treatments
But rather you're seeking Jesus
Like pastors or pizzas
My peoples need deliverance, maintain the innocence
And decrease the ignorance
Cause in a sense it's you
Digging deep in your inner tubes, similar to interviews
And musical interludes
And that was it
One more time, can I hear that? Can I hear that, Just?