Uptown XO
[Verse 1: AB the Pro]
Who fuckin' with us? We made it we try to live it
My best advice to you is mind yo' fuckin' business
They say "Who speak the truth?" Well I'm a fuckin' witness
Ever been to the moon? Well I'mma fuckin' visit
If this is Wu-Tang, then I'm the fuckin' RZA
Uh, beg to differ? Uh, on a mission
Gotta protect the brains these n***as actin' malicious
Uh, just a minute, I'm sicker I'm like a hiccup
Uh, breathtaking and them bitches can't speak
Uh, press some priss up and this liquor ain't cheap
Look me in the eyes and tell me you ain't free
Middle of the night and tell me you cain't sleep
Uh, them other n***as know they ain't me
Uh, cherish me like some Louis V sneaks

Question that, now tell me who fuckin' with us now [x4]

[Verse 2: Uptown XO]
XO baby, hey look, first Roc-A-Fella break up
Now everyday I wake up
Somebody got a problem with me
Heh heh, now go ahead get yo' hate up
I said don't say much, they speak I may charge 'em a fee
Did it when they thought that we couldn't
Look how we fall for the puddin'
For the Cosby bills
Hustle they say I shouldn't, but it's art I feel
Write when I'm doing wrong, n***as hardly ill
The nurse ain't gon' send you home
You ain't in school no more
Cause you was never high, but you never knew you was like a wind
We ain't cool no more?
Now spit this two days after the earthquake, made me think
I'm not bad cause my nerves ain't
Even though I ain't have no dad they got me all the way
The n***as still here and I thank God everyday

[Speaking: AB the Pro]
Before we go any further, this is a secret society
All we ask is you trust in far and oh
You know who the originators are, man, let's get it X

[Verse 3: Uptown XO (AB the Pro)]
(N***as dying everyday from firearms that spray)
Mothers crying everyday for murders around the way
(Women selling their pussy every night at the strip club)
N***as leaving they wife just for one night with a
(Everyday n***as be gambling and sipping liquor)
Smoke 'till it's gone, your last night could be this one
(Everyday hood like we all form a victim)
A victim to the gun or a victim to the system?
(Everyday n***as get locked for the petty things)
I'm married to the game and my gun is my wedding ring
(Grind so hard everyday I be forgetting things)
I can't forget to pray, and I can't forget to get the cake
(I can't forget the money and I can't forget to crack the safe)
Can't forget to say "I told you so" to all those who doubted me
(Kush to the face, that was very loud of me)
Gucci my accessory, Biggie would be proud of me
(Everyday n***as moving grand daddy, a solid deal)
Gon' be with the mask on like everyday is Halloween
(They talk about they strap (?)
I hustle for the finer things, everyday, honestly