Uptown XO
Finding My Way
Feel confident, be assertive

[Verse 1:]
I'd be lying if I didn't claim the district
I live where you heard about, where you only paid a visit
N***as got murdered outside of the crib and insisting
We trapped in
Got n***as who came home, going back in
It was boom, bap, boom, bap in the back of the classrooms
Cutting up in school, the n***as moved
Packs for a few, stacks and it was fuck school
N***as showed up at noon, boys finish old Q was in prison
The job call was the alternative for the vicious
Jobs, more n***as ain't want
As we was flippin
And mama got 3 jobs, still got evicted
After that it was move, pack, move, pack
Evicted a couple times, lost my prom pics
Even my first raps, I wrote 'em
In chicken scratch, love letter for my exes
I still miss, lost everything in life
And had to start all over
Had to cope with the pain now I can’t stay sober
Want the old me back, can’t remember yesterday
Gotta pray for tomorrow, stay away from the bottles
And the bathroom pic chicks thinking they models
And these fake friends will be the first to say I got you
The hood spokesman n***a, ghetto Apostle
I leave away from my shadow, but my heart will follow
Finding my way, finding my way
I’m just finding my way, finding my way

[Verse 2:]
Sense of direction lost, god my soul need MapQuest
We off the road, we 'posed to be on
Supposed to be beyond this world
But get your Mussolini on, the battle of the soul
Between the right and wrong, what you on?
A false sense of direction, what you are is on the journey, keep steppin
I keep my shoes tied, and my eyes wide
Add yeast, I’m tryna rise, like bread rise
Track meet, who gonna run it, bet your legs tired?
You n***as never in the hood, like a spare tire
Can’t speak for the cold hearted, we here fire
And see bullshit, from a mile, away
Is getting hard, more put the fire to the jay
Said they wasn’t lost, they was lying
In our fucking face, face america gave us a dream
What the fuck do we chase?
N***a it ain’t in the green, money don’t come with the safe
Life is a force and decision is the path
With the snakes in the grass, who wanna see a leg
Behind I speak to the one, who controls time
Still blind with 40-40 vision up in my eyes
My grind got me this far, still don’t know where I’m going
And I may not be here when this shit soaks in
My time’s not here, I’m away for the moment
Till then we move forward, on faith, not know, going
[Hook] x2