Uptown XO
Occupy DC
"Hey man, here come the cops, let's split"
"Let's get out of here, man, hurry!"

Goodness gracious
I can't trust my neighbors
Damn, they try and call the polices
I'm just trying to eat
You live here, I work here x2
You moving across the street, we're moving that work in
You live here, and I work here

[Verse 1:]
XO baby
Struggling and hustling and doubling the packages
Suffering, but once again, we up against savages
N***as be attracted to the jail like magnets
Come home, can't get a job, now they back again
Back up in the system blown like an old Sega game
Mom and Dad ain't to blame, move in but you stayed the same
Tell me what it was that made you change when the paper came
And if it wasn't for rap, would you n***as make it rain?
Hustling in the trap, you wouldn't even call it that
All you n***as copycats, muhfucka, you copy that?
You ain't never hustle, 'member that's what you were sloppy at
Look them dead in the eye, that's when they have a heart attack
For real n***as only, n***as that I started that
But I really bought a bat for you n***as who wanna act
N***as getting they leading role in the casket
Tell Tyler Perry to make a movie about that shit

[Verse 2:]
Uptown, DC, where it all started for me
That's why I got a story, n***as on that Robert Horry
Mask on, waiting to ball, obey the law
Fuck naw, n***as deal with they sword and went to war
Fur coats and gators, fresh line for the waiters
Came after the paper was made, we celebrating
Bottles free in the club, models greet us with love
And that's cause we original, downplaying we thug
You can try, but see we mo'
You can't deny these other rappers like CB4, and I know why
They so far from the real, I'm so close to my gun
They close to winning the war, but the battle, when is it done?
My own kind hating make me wanna stomp the n***a out
They speak the truth and they get you hating like Mister Voucher
Times just ain't the same now
Rappers on that dancing machine more than James Brown