Uptown XO
Petey Greene
Fuck the government. Fuck the motherfucking government. Ya dig?

[Hook: AB the Pro]
The school's closed, the motherfucking prisons is open
We ain't got shit to lose, muhfucka we rollin'
Muhfucka we rollin'
Muhfucka we rollin'

[Verse 1: AB the Pro]
We hate the government, never could make it honorary
Most of my n***as in prison still needing that commissary
Ten years a lot of weight for Islam to carry
Young black males is something a lot of moms bury
Hoop dreams could've been the next Marbury
Instead he did his last five down in Salsbury, that's Maryland
We Reagan's baby, children of the heroine
Grateful in the 80's, DC, look at what you made me
In-jail is just another form of slavery
(N***as always complaining we doing this white man's work)
This ain't a race, but still the white man first
Set us free, then we need the right plans first
Or end up in that white van hearse
Would've slapped a n***a but my right hand hurt
Black man living in a white man's world
Theoretically it's a set-up
You either gon' get down or get up

[Verse 2: Uptown XO]
Young n***as cash chasing guns with a rubber grip
Real shit, we need to start an army with the Blood and Crips
Lock down our own hoods, they don't give a fuck about us
Church, carry-out, liquor stores getting bucks up out us
Fuck, I'm proud of living in America, it's getting louder
The screams of people who died up in the towers
9/11 it happened because of Bush
Those are some serious accusations, the snipers are on the roof
Is God real? Death is the only way to the proof
And if you living like he ain't get yo' neck up out of the noose
Fuck a Republican, they a real terrorist
Taking over foreign land like Great Brit
All they want us to do is entertain the world
Play sports or in a cell doing push-ups and curls
It's a different world, we sick, we need a cure
Fingers burned, test the flame and you learn
When quarter turns we judge and then we earn
And we get what we deserve, remember who we were


[Verse 3: Uptown XO]
Prison is a business, the court case pending
Meanwhile the judge being payed with some interest
Take advantage of a n***a who was raised in the system
Institutionalized getting tied like crimson
Real n***a image ain't got shit to hide
Lost it all before but I'll never lose my pride
If speaking truth's wrong then I don't wanna be right
People living in the dark, let me lead you to the light
(Why we letting them jerk us? Why we letting them change us?)
We gotta take action, what the fuck is gonna make us?
Everything was stolen, you know knowledge is golden
Media failed, the world flooded and it was frozen
Go ahead, keep sleeping, I'll see you in the morning
Look how they treat Barack, they do it because he black
I got my heater cocked, don't play you ain't ready for that
It's us vs. them, n***a come on if you going
And we ain't got shit to lose, n***a you rolling?