Uptown XO

It seems like folks now want it right away
They need to slow it down, and ride the wave
To act out of haste, the price we pay
What's destined 'll come, with slight delay.. slight delay
You do stupid shit when you move too a fast
Take a minute to think, and get ya foot off the gas
Each and everyone wanna have some fun
You're living under the sun, goals we gotta get done

[Verse One: yU]

We're living in a world where..
We stay in first gear
Ain't nobody there, earpiece in they ear
At all times, why.. It should be a crime
They desensitize you & I for a dime
When you see your brotherman
Don't nobody say hi, no more
What for, got a lot going on
Yeah right..
Plus just another red light, sitting still up in traffic, stagnant
A thin line between not having, and lavish
If I can't earn it, then fuck I'll grab it
Learned it from America, home of the Slaves
Lies legalized if the right price paid, paid
Paid off the sweat you losing.. Blessing or a lesson.. Just an illusion
And we wonder why we're losing
Pause for a second, and let the world keep moving..

[Verse Two: Uptown XO]

Like I'm a diamond, I'm shining y'all
Like I'm a sun, I bring light to y'all
Can you imagine me taking a loss
Retaliate before taking it all
Its been a week, dog.. You taking long
U think I'mma let them escape with our
Dough when I crept on through
Let 'em know I'm a pro, so I couldn't wait two..
More minutes, so n***as know how precious every moment is
Don't delay, build up the momentum
Cuz the block gonna talk if we don't get them
Like Barrack, when I talk.. They all listen
Shhhh... listen to 'em laugh when we keep losing
Keep proving ourself wrong, we cruising
Road to redemption, so we keep moving.. Keep, keep moving


[Verse Three: Oddisee]

Good things come to those who wait, hugh..
I'm trynna escape from, the bottom.. That bass drum
Haste I make from, mistakes done regardless
Gotta take from that waste dump the garbage
Turning treasure endeavors to try to sever me
And cleverly and steadily, heavily making progress
I'm one step ahead of me so
I'll never be slow, never be loafing
I'll never be close to somethin' that I wanted but confronted wit walls
If I ain't climbing, I ain't walking, man its nothing to crawl
More important. Man, its nothing to fall
Cuz a brother's bouncing back like I'm dunking a ball
Resilience is brilliance, trust me
Its real in the field, hit hard.. n*gga, rugby..
Nothing to guard you from the ugly, truth
What u want me to say, take time.. delay..