Uptown XO
[Verse 1: Uptown XO]

Georgetown shopping, Uptown grinding
Southside riders, funnel easy widers
Funny people find us, funny but outside us
Feel safer when they outside of the climate
Raised in a hostile environment, got wild and violent
Almost got shot, silenced
That's when I was riding with the heat
The man that shot was on the other side of the street
I wanted to rhyme then, I was biting my teeth
My soul had questions, needed advice from the streets
And my advice was to eat
But I miss those days, cause the prices was cheap
Back then black Timbs made my cypher complete
Those days were so great, priceless to me
Glad to be alive in the bar like "no ice in that, please"
About to make a toast to life but I can die when I leave

[Hook: x2]
Ridin', ridin', ridin'
Southeast, Northeast, Southwest, Uptown baby!

[Verse 2: Uptown XO]
Cool with no shirt on, Juicy couture skirt on
I'm watching like a stakeout, she's hotter than a sirloin
I'm spitting game, trying to t-bone her
My aim made it irrelevant to converse more
She smothered me like A1 sauce on the first pork
My game won, I ain't lose since my first loss
Ain't dumb, put away the loot in the bank card
In case she try to play me like a head start
It's always something under the tee, no tank top
Got rid of that, too, but common sense, I thank God
Cause I ain't catching no rape charge
I ain't going out like Kobe, I thank Pac
For going through that for me, I can't stop
Fresh back with a pack, old Wu-Tang trap, EBTH
"Oh snap! That's your whip? You ride'n like that?"
She hopped in and we just...

[Verse 3: Uptown XO]
Breaking up funnel, trying to be humble
Smoke a day thinking how I'm gon' survive in this jungle
When I was 5 I had to rumble
"Pay-less shoes? You ain't fly" I had to hustle
Had to muscle with charges, had a couple police car handles I was handcuffed to
Mom said, "thank God your grandma love you
Cause I wouldn't let you rock," that's family for you
That's why my family's the block, but not as loyal
Still I love my momma a lot, holding grudges destroy you
Crying about how you're bringing money, now they tryin' afford you
Damn, I guess you get what you put out
Hustled to help mom with the rent, still got put out
Until I get fresh year-long, silent treat, I moved on
To much bigger and better things, we on the block 70
Head keep driving up, but I tell him, "keep...