Uptown XO
You know it's times you gotta put energy into the right things
Don't know what y'all thinking and shit you know what I'm saying

[Verse 1: AB the Pro]
Ain;t got the answers, Sway and Ye shit
Opinionated, Steven Naismith
Baeless, I vacated
Get cake everyday happy belated bitch
They said I wouldn't be shit
Now I'm working at the school I used to skip
Educated, preservation
Checking the Ritz Carlton reservations
Let's get high, elevation for your mind, meditation
I swear it wasn't free shit, keep it sacred, now it's a secret
Some be prayin' with the deacon
The most high, pledge your allegiance
Graduated with a degree in schooling the hard knocks
The only game we compete in
Sink my teeth in, get my feet wet
Rather do it now than live my life with regrets
Gotta E-X-I-T cause we next, I gotta do it big like a 3 X
Sink my teeth in, get my feet wet
Rather do it now then live my life with regrets
Gotta E-X-I-T cause we next, I gotta do it big like a 3 X
[Verse 2: Uptown XO]
I know sometimes I'm right
I know sometimes I'm wrong
Accepted by the light, my n***a cash gone
And I won't see him no more, pouring liquor to the floor
This is the life of me and I have to thank you lord
But for the life of me I keep thinking crazy thoughts
Like losing my own life and taking yours
They told us people would get my n***a dead or debted
Soon as you try to change you get tempted to stick with it
Listen if you really really can get you to chilly chilly
Concealing them bitches to preserve your [?]
[?] girls see him start cheesin'
Start eatin' hot they hate [?]
If you can or if you can't you're right either way
My homies in the pen see the light one hour a day
Aye, when I succeed I sign with a face
But the hate comes with love flower and vase
A tortoise in the head the fuck is a race
You don't belong in first place in the first place
Go shawty it's your birthday
But watch out n***as hate soon as you cut the cake
Bitches too, soon as she chose you took a n***a place
Listen to that voice and you'll fuckin' do what it say

[Verse 3: AB the Pro]
What n***as drying tears, enough for n***as treasure
Lord knows that I ain't perfect I'm just tryna be better
Forever to the letter I'm tryna be great
No answers but that path it gotta be straight
Caught up in the lust no trust they lie in your face
Your funeral lay safe they shot up your way
Glory and love fuck the story of a thug it's the hate
The pain and the loss and the gain and the money maintain
What your friends call foe from the block when it's hot
To a cell where it's cold got you pacing
Thoughts racing out of control for that prada and gold
N***a part of your soul, I'm fighting hard not to be hurt
My flesh so scared shit could be worse
Ass backwards living in reverse
Sequel to the saga of the last don the rebirth
This fast life I made it class
My nice deal my cut plastic
My body built for the war
My girl Gucci and Couture
Black Cinderellas popping with mozzarella
Pimping purple turtles in Versaces, Donatellos
No splinter, cold winter, feet steroids
Spit bars to memoirs I gets that heron