Lil’ Tommy
[Verse: Well$]
Little Tommy had a .45
Ticking time bomb, ready to go off
And bogard any n***a second guessing his mental
Damage was detrimental cause Tommy just had a problem
And taking it out on animals wasn’t enough to solve 'em
Toothpaste, thought that he need a face
Who needed a little taste of the medicine they dished out
Couldn’t show what this hands 'bout cause he was too small
So he guard on the help of his .45
Only shot about four times
But his plan to be the man will blow minds
He couldn’t get his respect with the tech
The clip to the left of the cross sitting at his chest
A couple enough to take lives
He grabbed the vest as he thought it'll probably save mine
Some gummy warms for his tummy turns so he can stay on time
His war paint and a black trench coat
Only thing now Tommy needs is another sick note
Bang, I guess it sucks to laugh first
Bang, as he hoped it will all worth
Bang, Jimmy could really shimy
But he kept it to himself 'cause nobody was really for me
So he lived a lie along with the life that his daddy chose
Never told a soul he would beat his ass in the patio
Nobody could hear the screams, you fucking faggot
I wish you bleed is what he heard
But for long he wouldn't hurt
He had the tommy that Tommy had, hid it in his shirt
Bang, I guess it sucks to laugh first
Bang, Tommy said it will all worth
Bang, sixth period
Ms. Smith the looks on they face is red, so serious
Nobody suspected the smallest thing, now they focused on the board
Deciphering, [?], little ring, at the class telephones [?]
She said quiet down kids, she had an announcement
Jimmy and Tommy are needed at the front office
Looked at each other and both smiles, started coughing
Puff, step one, no hatred, assemble the AKs, now down the whole fifth
For the nerve, it’s revenge of the nerds
For the words they used to cut deep
Two yards away from leaving everybody six feet
Lord, then they got to the door and waited for one another
To say the judgement [?]
But the looks in they eyes that said that they wanted more
As they opened the doors they screamed hit them where it hurts

[Hook: Well$ & SAMMUS]
Bang, I guess it sucks to laugh first (I guess it sucks to laugh first)
Bang, they both knew what that worth (They both knew what that worth)
Bang, they want everyone on the shirt (They want everyone on the shirt)
Bang, they want everyone to hurt (They want everyone to hurt)
Bang, they wanna fill up the whole church (They wanna fill up the whole church)
Bang, but Jimmy ain’t had a vest
Bang, now it’s only that Tommy’s left
Bang, he can’t lift Jimmy by himself
Bang, now Jimmy’s not by himself