[Verse 1: Blu]
There was a man who got a stadium, a man who got a farm
A field, a auditorium, and one who got none
A man who got riches, the bitches, glamour, the glitz
The ritz, fitz, the roxy, and a God who got none
I once knew a man who couldn't afford Japan
His land is perfect, future is promised, even his son
All he wanted was his home, his family, transportation
A weekend maybe- vacation, from slavin' and make his own
His hill was built in the 50's, and now it's covered like the sunken pyramids
That the King Djoser once called his home
I do belong in my skin, then again it's just flesh
I'm 29, I can't wait to see my daughter make a mess

(All by myself... darling x4)

[Verse 2: Blu]
Yeah alone
There was woman who was flattered, flirtatious, prestigious status
The baddest bitch in the mansion, no matter, she was the one
She got was she was looking for
Got it right out a cookie drawer
She could be more in life than a whore
I'm sure she will
I thought of Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain
Basquiat and his things
And all the fallen victims of bitches, riches, and fames
A woman who had nothing was perfect
Even a servant,
Performing for one observer, 'I murdered you in your sleep'
My eyes were filled of toxins and products, that I was cautious in telling you about
Since you were oversensitive when you sleep
I knew you, I blew a kiss to you
You wanted a song, just to say you got the world, and it's yours


[Verse 3: Blu]
There was a child who was special
Like pedals that skipped water
Like daughters who skipped school to be lawyers and Jewish people
I used to study Israel, Judea, David and Solomon, Simon
Forgot his name and my mama thought I was Daniel
Elijah, where is Elijah?
John, the pompous prisoner of love
But love is not miserable
No she is free
She is, uh (All by myself... darling x2)