Mind vs Matter
[Verse 1]
Just kicked it with a girl for the first time
I looked her in the eye the whole time
I made her laugh, I was in control
Whenever our eyes locked she looked away first
She picked up the check, she was really pretty
She couldn't even tell if I was having a good time
I played it so cool
I made fun of her but no too much
I made her feel like I was cool and not like she was corny
I dropped good innuendo
When we parted ways she wanted me to kiss her but I didn't
Or maybe she ain't even want to kiss, she just wanted me to stay instead of split
Split is what I did, but let me get back to some other little details
She dug how I said grace before I ate and really dug it
Not that I be using god for winning cool points
As far as administering cool points that's a cool choice
I got recognized twice in the street after
I handled them gracefully as is my character
I had a fresh baldy
After she was like "Aight you gonna call me?"
I was like "don't assign homework"
I ain't even lying I really said that
It was not a set back
It was a step forward a step toward her
Boom a new step daughter
[Verse 2]
I just kicked it with the girl on the next date
She gave it right away
After I came, I didn't even stay
I know I'll be replaced
I thought this verse will be as cool as yesterdays; it ain't
Why don't I feel ashamed?
She called her heart little
And talked about the things you couldn't take
I took her just the same
I didn't even care what she was sayin'
I was content to sit and wait till she was finished, at which point she assumed
If I was a bloodthirsty, heartless monster I would have left the room
When I did she thought maybe he'll be different
Even though she more than likely knew I wasn't
Seein' as we livin' in a world with female cops who wearing makeup
She was so deprived of tender touches that she needed
It was like you're super thirsty drinking soda
You know you'll be more thirsty when it's over
But you don't even care cause you're so thirsty
And she ain't even care so I figured I ain't have to care neither
But now I'm left with nothing but a verse that took way longer than the other
And nothing to look forward to
Which isn't cute and doesn't make for interesting details
They've all been overshadowed by the awkwardness of kissing her goodbye
If I had known the course of intercourse would be the colors on my palette
I never would have added to her lie or added to mine
What matters to me, matter of mind
Daddy got to gather up the data on the latter and the former and a new step daughter