The Green Ray
[Kool Keith repeating "radioactive" and "waveform" underneath]
"Scientist has his marvelous laboratory
In one room of it, he's working on a strange looking device
That sends a peculiar greenish light, down onto a human figure
Lying on a table before him. We join him there, in the future
But instead of telling you about it, let's turn the dial that will
Project us ahead in time, and find all about it that way."

[Kool Keith]
Wait, wait, wait

Radioactive waveform
The pedigree is newborn
Rap crisis is deformed
The six-hand unicorn
The carrot that got the track going, spall
Everything made is bronze
Horses of shining armor
Take the bite the rhyme
The chandeliers stay how long
But just enough for the drums
Minus the Rolls
This is hip-hop indulge
Upper-class penmanship
The inks sell like boats
Radioactive waveform
Radioactive waveform
Radioactive waveform
Radioactive waveform

Ride the waves generally
The motivation I sent to the museum
On papers is now recorded officially
The hidden treasure in history
Surrounded by vocalized enemies
Proficient delivery is controlled
At a set speed, the mind feed
Mass awareness
Who's trying to see
Got them enlightened, more brighter, sharpened hands
No spams and viruses
Another vessel commanding
Who knows where the pirate is
Who knows where the pirate is
Who knows

Radioactive waveform
Radioactive waveform
Radioactive waveform
The destination approaches
Coaching like a coach
They're knocking on wood, praying like an amateur on their oath
Raising their hopes through notes
Dropping certain, got them pressing the panic button
Ready for orders
Even though they wasn't poets
Residue got them cleaned up by buzzards

Radioactive waveform
Got them cleaned up
Radioactive wave, form, waveform
Radioactive waveform


"Hi, why don't you have more light in here? I can hardly see a thing in this spooky greenish glow!"
"Keeps breaking down!"
"I don't understand it! Our best scientists worked on that for over a year!"
"Well, something's wrong, and I wanna know what."

"Okay then, here we go, into the future!"