Meanwhile, Back Home
[Intro: Sample]
"What’s on the air?"
"And that’s the latest on the situation in Europe
Now for the weather sunny and clear from Florida to Hatteras today and tomorrow
Winds gentle from the
Ladies and gentlemen I’ve just been handed this bulletin"
"It started way back in the 20th century
But I always thought that the people back from the 20th century weren’t much better than savages"

[Verse 2: Open Mike Eagle]
I wake up hella early cuz otherwise I can’t function
I’m up before my wife’s kids so I can think about dumb shit
I reminiscence about Eli regretting all of my state I guess
I’m physically criticized got KY trails from here to there
And sometimes i get so high that I single wine bruise pillow
Don’t try to talk to me Sunday cuz I’m suplexing my pillows
I’m tired of rapping about Willow cuz don’t nobody remembers
Same as Gallagher and Doug E. Doug and Mr. Jonathan Winters
Enter Sandman my pants dance right here on top of this trashcan
The freestyle sign for the NIA just to get a free cat scan
I took advantage of that man a rap man my whole brain is rap hands and Bat-Man
I’m the worst I pricked like Papa Durst
Played the victim role for the Afghan
What they knew about scientifically
Owe a great deal to the scientists of those days
Milligan and the red
A great many of the things we have today