The Wanderer
[Intro: Samples and (Kool Keith)]
Every week another exciting interspecies athletic contest
As man continues to struggle for supremacy over our ever contracting Earth
You were born back in the 20th century were you not?
Yes Sir yes
And did you did you find anything new and different when you first came
(Wandering around)
Why does he know my name what
(Wandering around)
They call everybody
Be careful don’t let him read your mind
(The wanderer)

[Verse 1]
Natural resources
Organic rhythms in the office
The mood is like a werewolf's fishing for swordfish
The bear's hungry monthly
The clash of the titans
Flexible accessories
That’s in the genes
The fortified minerals
That’s what the energy used to engine feed
The nature here developed them from the seed

The wanderer [x8]
[Verse 2]
The structure of combat is like
Wrestlemania contracts
The genetics make the eye contact
Shaggy Mr. Boomback
Denim I have nothing to prove in slacks
Solid estimates of a prediction
Cause a human ear to listen
Copying is prohibited
Give the looks to drive a combo like a Broham Lincoln
Sitting on that leather seat sinking in


[Verse 3]
Antibiotics land comfort zones
The voice is the overtone
Syncopated related
Then penetrated the machinery that made it
Studied by scientists and schools
Studying lasers
Turn on the phasers
My lyrics seem to amaze us
All five of us
The music exception is loud to us
Through the orchestration the demonstration
I’m wondering [x2]
Just a few brief seconds from now
Will become the first human being to step foot on the sands of Mars