You Are Safe Now
(Ooh you brute, you monster, you thing, in that order)
(Listen to the story)

[Verse 1: Milo]
Baseline sound like the tedium of every day
Behold the receding gum line of the middle way
Can’t take a shower with the toilet seat up
I’m not at full power to fight demons when they creep up
One day I will own a raincoat
And make crème brulée in stained bowls
Wearing nothing but a green smock
Went to the pawn shop with a locked box full of G shocks
Uhh, I need to return these for reasons I can’t explain
I know too many attorneys with dirt cheap fees and gurney
Keep those Pez dispenser leaves for the journey
I’m telling you everything I know
With the metronome about metronomes
Chat book was slap full of meta poems
Bug catcher with the Metapod
Let me tell you the very next thing I said to God

[Hook: Milo]
Order a double order of Thai fried rice
Paid with Paypal, you are safe now
[Verse 2: Milo]
No idea why my fingers are oversized
I have lingering doubts that need to be notarized
Notice my eyes when I daydream of holding thighs
Sidenote – that’s probably why my anxieties multiply
At the rate of speed to fill up one Big Gulp soda guy
Sort of snide, bi-polar at times
Quasi-perpetual Dirt Devil vacuuming for old dimes
To purchase several sacks of Andy Capp’s hot fries
Do the box rhymes just to surprise myself
Have you ever bought enough furniture for one small apartment
In Chicago’s north-west side?
I don’t care about who’s friends with whose friends
Or loose ends, this is a one man operation
A dingle berry constellation, the flying fuck at the moon
That Vonnegut was so fond of