If he dunks in the air hold 'em up
I want you to fuck up the club
Security really a dub
So jump on the tables and stuff
Act like you don't give a fuck
Act like you don't give a–
Act like you already drunk, and if you isn't just act like nobody sees it

[Verse 1]
Hey, fuck the gates
Hey, fuck the fences
Middle finger to they face, hope they offended
Okay we wit it, like "fuck all these bitches
And fuck all these n***as, I'm ready to get it"
Let's start up a riot, we dare you to try it
Say you bout it? You lyin'
We could turn up tonight
Run up if you wanna
Run up and get done dunno
It’s honestly many, for us to get you and your plenty

[Verse 2]
Fuck what security sayin’
Show 'em that you is not playin'
We really do this on the daily
Twistin’ off fingers and bangin’
We do not wanna be quiet
My n***as will start up a riot
Makin’ it look like we fightin’
I been on a whiskey diet
Smoking my weed out in public
The cops are just sayin, “fuck it”
Pushin and screamin’ and shoving
We prolly get kicked out or somethin’
Ain’t no tellin’ what I’m on, n***a
All these fuckin’ drugs
Watch out where you standin’, boy
The mosh pit show no love
Watch out where you standin’, boy
The mosh pit show no love

[Verse 3]
Watch out where you standin’, boy
The mosh pit show no love
Givin’ 'em perc like an Advil
You don’t understand how sad feel
My momma knew I was gon’ be a demon
I ain’ even got a destiny
Fill-in’ my solo with double cups
Lookin’ around, who can I trust
I done seen money turn n***as sus
I done see money lose friends’ trust
Guess what I really don’t give a fuck
To this Tuesday, got a Uzi
Say you gotta load it, I’m shot []
And hand over that money
And everything’ll be good
We prolly hittin’ the function whicho’ money
And all of my partners, so don’t act stupid, homie

I’m mad at the way, I’m pissed
My momma didn’t raise me no snitch
Bitch I’m from the six, I’m talking E (ate 'em)
Cops’ll shoot you down, even if you got the re-play
So we don’t give a fuck about what HE say, yay
A n***a to any n***a with a bitch []
Cuz I’m a n***a with a bitch
Police be marchin’ when they see me I’m flauntin’
I’m America’s most wanted, I’m tauntin’
[] TV n***a, 'bout to see me n***a
If you got [] with ya Tec
Playin’ Machiavelli, yell up at the West
[] these n***as I’mma make a mess
When they come beepin’, I ain’ even stressed
I ain’t even pressed, []
Tell 'em “Ya you fuckin' with the best”
Got the white on the test, ay
Sendin’ [], to my last one
Then I poured out, on the neck, ay
Fuck the world, with a long one
And a full life to the neck
Watch out where you standin’, boy
The mosh pit show no love