Gather Round
Gather Round
Gather Round

[Verse 1: Lightskin Mac 11]
Kids sit down for this fuckin' lesson (fuckin' lesson)
My money won't fold under peer pressure (peer pressure)
If your homie doin' time, n***a send a letter (send a letter)
Put money on his books so he know better (know better)
Hey, just the Lightskin Mac 11 (Mac 11)
I think I'm Mike Vick with the pits
But I treat my dogs like my fuckin' family (fuckin' family)
Made a couple mil' with the 9 fam (fam)
RIP to Rose and my Uncle Champ (my Uncle Champ)
With my back against the wall I'm the people's champ (champ)
Hey, I got stripes, no Mills Lanes, switchin' both lanes
White bitch, green eyes, money ain't a thang
R-roll up four blunts, tell her fill it up with pain
Blow away the stress, how a n***a stay sane (stay sane)
I just hope when you look down at me
You feel the same 'bout me, hey
When you look down at me
You feel the same 'bout me

[Verse 2: Curtis Williams]
Bathing Ape under leather jackets
Nothin' less than a gram
Bitch you know I pack it (know I pack it)
8 ball and some filthy fanta
Probably hangin' with some n***as that you can't handle
Might OD if I don't stop
You couldn't last one day in this red box (red box)
I just took my life and put it on a dope beat (beat)
Ask about 'em in the city, bet they know me (me)
Danco in this bitch rollin' up an OZ
No key, push to start and bitch we roll deep (roll deep)
[?] need a check
So we grindin' all day, what the fuck you expect
[Verse 3: Cartier Dave]
So many battlefield scars
We're drippin in plush cars
We mobbin' and never stoppin' til they say the world is ours
My ambition as a ridah, must I remind ya?
Gold teeth in his mouth in designer
No sleep cost a fee just to sign them
And you checking right, on the east you can find 'em
Eh eh, I was on the road
Doin' shows, blowin' Os by the K, K
Like a agreements, and I swear they never seen it
N***as wil' out when I'm screamin'
Salute me bitch, I'm great
We took it state to state
Now all my 9's straight
And I'm talkin' to the ones that I bang wit'
Hit the road and make change wit'
And not them other n***as, who just lane switch
Now they wanna claim shit, cause its money in our language
Cause its money in our language, language

[Verse 4: Jace]
Ah! Kumbaya, kumbaya
Tell me its do or die
You know I do enough and so don't that I do alot
You know I'm true enough, took my side and I blew it up
If you ain't from here, then who is you to
Know that we keep it notch
Wait - let me slow it down some
Lookin' for some real n***as, then you found some
Lookin' for a great n***a, well you found one
Pound one, recognize a real n***a when you round some
Pussy, like a tampon
Know that I'm ballin' n***a, and one
And the watch got karats n***a, Anwar
And you n***as all see through, ant farms
Know I'm a genius, man I know that you see it
If you got issues, then prove it
But if you isn't then beat it
Ya'll are all vegetarian, don't know what the beef is
You got problem, let see 'em
If you doesn't, then beat it
N***a Yeah
[Verse 5: CeeJ]
Uh, takihiro number 9, the soloist
But I'm not solo, bitch
Cause if you know me, know I'm all about the gang ho
Two-9 what I bang, yo
And nothin' that you ever say or do about the shit I say or do
Will never change, ho, lames tho
Always comin' at me 'bout some thangs tho'
But I'll never stop until I parallel that Range Rov'
Never cared about no fuckin' fame, ho
Cause all these thirsty bitches want is the fruit of my looms
Get out my Hanes ho
I'm just sayin', I'm sayin'
I feel like this day out and day in
No I do not want to date
And you fakin' them lines you throw at me like Peyton
Some say I'm [?], I do not feel like waitin'
This pain in the picture I'm paintin'
These facts that I'm statin', the game that I came in
You can't ever change it, it's tainted
Ain't it, ain't it, boy, ain't it