King Gordy
Hahahaha, Luke
The Jedi is full of fucking pussies
Why do you praise them?
I am your father, join the Dark Side

[Verse 1]
Sick minded, you've been blinded
Looking for a style like mine you can't find it
[?] buried five miles inside of the highest mountain
You gotta hike and climb it
But what about the climate
It's zero and below
No here or a go, run up fear up his nose
And his ears getting froze
I am fierce with the flow
Watch it pierce through your soul
Black beard with a go
Two devils hair cutting off a stair
Get your head bust
Imma flare up blood, heavy wear
Tear up the place though
Every chair here with my bare nuts hanging out
Ain't no fucking way you gon' make it out
Take 'em out, hit them with a blade, cut a baby out
Lay 'em out, stick them in a grave then maybe I'll
Dig 'em back up
Put my dick up in the baby's mouth
Open up his legs then I ate it out, psycho
Like the disciple of Michael and Armand
[?] your wife sold this morning, you're boring
Tonight Imma slice up your corpses
Falling, nice inside your endorphins
It's in your brain now
I'll take your face off the frame
Put a tape around it
Making my face escape off the place
Find a safe place to break down, take down
Anybody who's not the same race
This is the Dark Side
This is the power Vader offered Luke but he did not accept
Yes, the Dark Side
Snake told Eve give Adam the apple, the appetite for death
This is the Dark side
Remember the same place where Lucifer fell and lord Jesus wept
This is the Dark Side
The night when light died so there was no more light on Earth left

[Verse 2]
I am the beginning of the end
The enemy befriend
The sickest of the sickest when they mention me again
They'll be giving me a sentence like a million plus a ten years
It's a [?] with a grin like I've been here
I don't give a fuck bitch
Strung up on a nun quick
Fuck her in her ass
Goddamn I don't bust six
In a nun give me some
You don't suck dick?
Punch her in the lungs with a
Imma cut this slag a new hole
Her butt got two poles that's stuck
She's too old, she's fucked, and you know what's up
Spit a little bit of vitamin in her system
I'm insisting that my dick had never entered in the sister