King Gordy
Dear Mother
[Verse 1: King Gordy]
Hey Yo
Me and my soccer mom is locked in an octagon
With boxers on and knuckle guards around our palms
Who's the first to drop a bomb?
Get her in an arm bar and make her tap out, she slips out, gets into full guard
Don't worry my mom's strong, but pops soft so he coaches her
Grow some balls and come n get your block knocked off
But she says she wants to do it so let's do it
Beating her til she's bloody the canvas covered in fluid
Hearing her scream is therapeutic
See it's like sweet music to my ears as my gay ass dad stares in fear
While his wife's being killed in here, this sounds fun
Not even twenty seconds into round one and mom's done
Put her in a rear naked choke til her neck is broke
And dad whatchu stepping for?
Your scary as a pregnant ho
I'm an American terrorist uncut
Fuck a therapist, just go beat your parents the fuck up

[Hook: Kehoa & King Gordy]
Dear mother
You have to die
Kill your parents, kill your parents, kill your parents now!
Dear father
You can sacrifice
Kill your parents, kill your parents, kill your parents now!
[Verse 2: Bizarre]
Rufus Johnson, the kid who got molested
Mom finger fucked me while she was still pregnant
Seven months, with two more to go
Crackhead Betty is starting the show
All at the store ready to suck and fuck
Sold my sister for ten bucks to my uncle Chuck
And uncle Chuck, he made her a sex slave
Even a transsexual pub aid didn't wanna stay
They brought me on t.v. for two dollars and fifty cent
Flies around my face, smelling like shit
All white community, somewhere down river
All the white kids said "Johnny you a n***a."
Grab a steak knife, stab you in the eye
Should've left me in Africa with the shit and the flies
Do like John Bridges and write a book
About a childhood star that got his manhood took

[Hook: Kehoa & King Gordy]

[Verse 3: Prozak]
Mommy dearest why have you forsaken me?
Taken me to this place where Satan be
So hastily you've hated me
Since birth I've been rejected, protested
It hurts the worst to accept this
Can't find the words to express this, except for kill em all
And now this twisted mentality holds me tightly
Within the grips of insanity
I've finally flipped from humanity
To the darkest realms, spawned from hell
My carcass harvested as a lifeless shell
No remorse, never tell, handful of pills does me well
I'm psycho, full blown like Micheal
For-grown and spiteful, homegrown with rifles
Serial killer in the making, like Jason, facing my demons
Screaming in silence from violence I've witnessed since breathing
I'm a broken soul, no control
So help me God I'm letting go
.45 up to my dome, cock the hammer, let it blow
Before I go I gotta say goodbye to mother
"Norman is that you, you worthless motherfucker? "
[Hook: Kehoa & King Gordy]