Broken Door Freestyle

[Verse 1]
On the floor lies a broken whore
Cos I'm not to be spoken to
I make metaphors
I'll put a hole in your head for I am resemblant to a saw
Ankles and I are similar for
We can both snap with a quick turn of emotions or directions
Both change the complexion of the track son and give you an erection
I'm a monsoon who
Dwells in the dark who don't smoke but ropes us dust
Yes, I'm tired of being
Lost without a bearing
And I'm fed up of being ignored, why should I be secluded?
I got a brand new horn that needs to be tooted
Watch, I'm going to the spot of top dog
And I don't wanna play leap frog
But how do I get there
All I get is a blank stare when I start prescribing, prescribing my crack here
Maybe they'll look up to you if you start vocal
Nah that shit is a thing of facebook'clart folklore's
I can't sing but my rhymes are good, too right
When I'm done spitting they'll be shitting on your mind all through the night
Maybe they'll give you nightmares, whenever you look in nice mirrors, scared to face a face that feels you with fear
When it pops up behind you
I'm talking about my wang fool
She got her behind up high bending over a bar stole
Of course yo, she got me stiffer than a disabled mannequin
I don't think this headache's ever banishing
I'm panicking, I think I've taken too much medicine
I think I'll get banished then, come back from the drug store like Romeo but then instead
Cum in with cinnamon, flavoured lip gloss
On my willy thing
My residence has bad representatives
And I got evidence
So I thought to hell with this
This is where I pick up the C
I'm assuming all responsibility
Cos looming inside of me
Is a rap dictionary that just wants to be free
To perform surgery with words like these
I went to the
Virgin Islands now it's just called islands
I danced with this
One girl and she said my style was cancerous
So I wished this, back home we can both be alone
My body got 206 bones but when I'm around you another one grows as quick as Bugatti engines
Try touch it you'll get escorted off go gotti henchman
I'm on a mission to get richer
The sickest lyric kicker the weakest will get disfigured
While I sip liqueur
Sit with a giant Warhol painting, get the big picture?
Woops, my girl said “Baby I'm late
But least you got more plays than Picasso got paint”
But they say “Well just like Gary and just like Jim
He likes the chicks that are younger than him”
Aw kid you can't say that it'll offend them
I don't give a fuck it was supposed ta
My minds so deadly it's like the headset is close to a holster
It's over
I control the whole vocal season
All postal regions
But now I need to take a breathe in
Cos yano us white guys
Gotta hold in our breathe for 5 mics (Shady)