Don’t Look Now
[Pace Won] (Young Zee)
Yea yea yea yea yea yah
Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yah yah (Ha, yah)
Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo (Yah, yah, yah yo yo, yo)
Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo (Yah, yah, it's the Bricks)
Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo (Yah it's the Bricks)
Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo (Ahaha it's the Bricks)
Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo (It's the Bricks, bitch)
Yo yo yo yo yo yo HYUH! (Ahahaha, ahaha)

[Pace Won]
Slap y'all hats off ask me what you rap for
Run up in your crib with a hacksaw (BANG)
Tired of cops, I put your life in a box
Before I tie up your pops and let him HANG
Yo, as far as this go, I'm like the mummy
Exploiting the ancient Egypt science of life and math for money
The Godfather flow I'm like Sonny
The number one thief; Mr. Wild Out like KEITH MURRAY!

[Young Zee]
When I'm drunk, puffin canibus skunk
I start shit with ya, beat your manager up
Then battle every one of y'all little rattlesnakes
It's like I haven't ate, and your clique smell like carrot cake
Pace, let them chickens in, give 'em cookies
They pass the fuck out, I piss in bitches' pussies
The Capricorn, my dick be lasting long
Fuck raw first, GET THE RUBBER SLAP IT ON!
So, girls, I'm scoping you, who can hold me closest?
Curve your back like multiple scoliosis
Fellas, beef only start if you with it
I turn your chest into barbecue chicken
[Chorus: Pace Won]
Don't look now, we top billing it, filling it
My raps, my life, my style, my crew, we killing it
Money in the head we ice grilling it, stealing it
Your raps, your life, your style, your crew, we killing it

[Pace Won]
I drink too much liquor, got a bad liver
The streets is watching me like I'm Jigga; STARING
Chew your crew up like they was spearmint
Kick a verse, people go crazy when they hear it (HUH!)
First I had no deal, now I'm living lovelier
'Cause I'm on Columbia, spending all they money up
I got that hurry up, quick quick
Bust raw style in the pussy, like when me and my honey fuck
*Pacer, Pacer, don't make me chase ya with a razor
Blow up like Michael Jordan pager!*
It ain't a thing thing thing
*First week I'm going gold!*
That's that ring ring ring
*Just like De La Soul?!*
No matter what the job, I hit the task faster
Educate and teach y'all like the Blastmaster
And from the vision Heaven sending me
I can see myself on the cover of Ebony
The cover of XXL, the cover of Fresh
The cover of the Source, and the cover of Stress
Pace Won, lace buds, smoke with Gov-G
Or tour around the world with my man Young Zee
[Az Izz]
Let's both bust off and see who hit the deck first
It's like my TEC's cursed, [?] expert
You know the difference? Az the type to go the distance
And you ain't, so we can't have this coexistence
Yo it's only rich, ain't no getting poor
Dough is what I'm on a mission itching for
For the love of this, I get the four, kick in doors
Leave a fella's broad twitchin', saw her on the kitchen floor
Most of y'all sound retarded to me
I'm the hottest shit since that n***a Moses parted the sea
And y'all can keep hating when I'm the one you like
Weed got my eyes squinting like the sun too bright

[Pace Won]
Chorus x2