Its Goin’ Down
[Young Zee]
I from the place where if your motherfucking jury gleam gleaming
Like gay shit, you takin' off your bracelet
My n***as start wilin' I'm gonna let 'em do them
They gonna start shooting, I'ma make sure they take ya new rims
I'm making it all on zoom lens and tell a story
With a body in my trunk like N.O.R.E. ya tape corny
I push a Porsche like Mike Lorri, what'choo think?
Takin' n***as diamonds like I'm Mister Pink
I doing this to the death 'til I take six in the chest
Bustin that cops, cess, resisting arrest
Rob you with no gun, here take yo' Lexus
Trade it with my man for them two CRX's
To my hoes I'm Snoopy, you be Woodchuck
Ya pussy be good luck, I don't let nobody in my hood fuck
I neva wait or hesitate, there be another n***a there naked
Jumpin outta that bitch wet in and shit

Hook 1:

Captivated by the sound
Turn it up, play it loud
Steady boys, stand'cha ground
That's the way it's going down
La la la la laaaaa
La la la la la laaaaaa
La la la la laaaaa
That's the way it's going down
Yo, yo
We write the songs like Biz that got everybody jocking
With Rhymes like Busta we keep the party rockin
OutWorld music tight like your mommies stockings
Our services cost more than Johnnie Cochran
I got my hand on my gauge, man on a rage
Wild, push ya man off the stage, he land on his face
Y'all wanna battle with Pace, fam you ain't safe
Might pull a gat from the waist, blast you with eight
Mad slugs, you'll be bleeding from the ass up
Mad blood, enough to fill up any bathtub
If you got street smarts you betta use 'em
I take out a couple like a two-some
Two non-descript kids talking out loud on how they flip bricks
It's like we buying a truck that only fit six
Unheard of, both hands on my burna`
Flesh wound n***as, y'all don't really want murder

Anymore movement, even a slight twitch will further the crisis
Trife is a serial killer, murder with ice picks
Tagged you on ya temple twice kid which left you lifeless
Hit your honey to hard, with twenty-two bars of precise'ness
Pass the bone and watch how stoned I get
And ain't nothin fucking with the chrome I grip
Can't atone for the domes I split
The trife is, I'm beating down cops with they own nightsticks
Get locked up at four-thirty I'll just phone my chick
Don't matter what the bail is, I'll be home by six
I'm tight, bitches grab my biscuits slap 'em twice with it
Gonna sell more albums than those Spice bitches
I'm nice with it, holy like Christ scriptures
All the mullah, the best yet sending death threats thru ya computer
I we got the Buddha, copped the Ruger
Bullets rocking through ya, BOO-YAH
Your brains on the n***a next to ya
Hook 2:

We run your little bitch ass down
You're standing on shaky ground
Paranoid to move around
That's the way it's going down
La la la la laaaaa
La la la la la laaaaaa
Lal la la la laaaaa
That's the way it's going down

[Yah Yah]
I'm not to be crossed, your postures soft
I'll dump a mobster boss face in pasta sauce, huh
It took a fellow two beat downs and bullet
For him to understand Outsidaz don't bullshit
I unload a whole clip of Scarecrows four-fifth
I roast ? toe tips? the forceps started to roast shit
So what, your ho bitch loves to blow dicks
For four sticks she blew me and my whole click
You testing me with certain things I don't want to argue
I'm gonna get you for your chi-chi-chi-change and your car too
You a DC comic, I'm a Marvel
The black Fire Bill Marshall, ill arsenal

Hook 1