The Last Word
[Rah Digga]
This is a story...
But not really a story
It's just some freestyle shit
My name is Rah Digga, and this here is Tha Outsidaz
My n***as, tell 'em

Since I been on television, girls been beggin me to swell the kitten
Black or white, when the lights go off, I can't tell the difference
Thought you'd impress me, well you didn't
I got mad freestyles and hella-written
The hottest fella spittin'

[Slang Ton]
Never quitin', spittin more Outz than eleven innings
Cheddar spendin, Slang Ton forever shittin
You better listen

[Young Zee]
Yeah yeah, I tell a chicken "Zee hurtin' skeezers"
Fuck you wit the strength of like thirty Herculeses
I want the cash n***a, fuck them scabs
Stab once or twice then the pussy up for grabs

I puff the hash in front of your mother's dad
Cut a fag
[Slang Ton]
And put your brother ash in a duffle bag

Yeah, y'all fall in love wit that, Outsidaz comin
Leave ya'll drunk like Olde English 800
Pacewon the fire-breathin Rah Rah dragon in the dungeon

[Young Zee]
American Werewolf from the Bricks, fuck London

Chorus [Rah Digga]
Set it off for my heads in Jerz
Swear to God, weak rappers done struck my last nerve
On wit' the swerve, mad bags of herb
My Outsida click gon' get the last word

Our attitude is like a bad sitcom, nothin' funny
Slap you like you stole something from me
Yo we got raps by the page like Bill Gates got money
*Along w/Rah Digga* First week out we top twenty, grungy

[Young Zee]
Dummy Young Zee, come get your mouth injured
Diss us, watch I pop wheelies without Ninjas
Bring ya bliggy wit ya for the Brick City n***as
Shittin on ya like kitty litter

You could do fifty situps, and I don't give a fuck if he bigger
I throw a right hook that could drop any n***a
Ya'll rock jewels that's Truck like Chevy pickups, TWISTA

All I want is money and my dick sucked


Az-Izz got bad nerves, rank matters
While you serve steak platters I'ma die ballin like Hank Gathers

Axe get the dough like cake batter
Pockets stay fatter
The way you rhyme makes me think that you the gay rapper

Face slapper like Roy Jones, I throw a bolo
Break your team up like Chris Shwartz and Joe Niccolo
[Slang Ton]
Rippin a beige Volvo, bumpin a Slang promo
We sign our autographs, Spell It Out like K-Solo
Tha Outz straight to disk, too hot for tape or phono

[Rah Digga]
Takin photos wit the black and gray Polo's
Ruinin n***as lives like they K-Ci or JoJo

Outsidaz takin a loss, that's a no-no