Wh You Be (Feat. Method Man & Redman)
F/ Method Man, Redman

[Method Man]
Gonna throw a lil' somethin like this
Mista Meth
Young Zee
Funk Doctah
Come on

Yo, yo, yo
I like to smoke I like to gamble
Slap that face I'm like Anthony Saprano
Lets here it for the mob boss
Bird catch it highed up til his eyes crossed
Fat belly, tall boy loungin with his socks off
No tan, toe jam like Roseanne
Got guns so big I bust with both hands
Pull 9 M-M's and tecs that don't jam
Mad family and friends in the drug program

[Method Man]
I go *raaaaarr raaaaarr* like I had cereberal palsy
We ain't got no time to be playin with y'all see
Shoalin, Dirty Jers' what y'all ain't heard?
Fuckin ya birds, pluckin ya nerves, puffin ya herb
Slap ya C. E. O. Off his podeum
Hand in my coat like Napoleon
Wrapped around a hot nickelodeon
Oh seven one three oh four that's the code we in
School of hard knocks here we go again
[Young Zee]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Aiyyo Hot Nicks you got me noddin of the doses
While the Outs burn bush like God talkin to Moses
They mad I push the F1 with three front seats
Rock fatter chains than slave workers had on they feet
Smoke blunts til my breath smell, hop on my Nextel
Chick from West L bang her head against the bed rail
Ya'll betta leave 'fore Zee get evil
I'll tell you a secret, I see dead people

Aiyyo, aiyyo Pace
The Doc sports timbs with no lace
I come in her mouth and it look like colgate
I'm a gorilla, chewin on bananas
Psycho I'm the one that blew my head in? Scanners?
Bricks, lyrics and guns gotta stay smokin
Even Live to L. A. Don't leave the gate open
I carry two shotties and I'ma squeeze both'um
And when I'm done me and ya bitch elopin

[Young Zee] Y'all know, this how it's suppose to be
And Y'all know
[Method Man]Think of me 'fore you smoke them trees
[Young Zee] And Y'all know
[Pacewon] Wack raps make me choke emcees
[Young Zee] Aiyyo people, yo who the fuck we be?
[Method Man]Who you be?
[Young Zee] Young Zee from the M-P-C
[Method Man]Who you be?
[Redman]Funk Doc from the P-P-P
[Method Man]Who you be?
[Pacewon] Pacewon from the O-you-T
[Method Man]Who you be?
Mista Meth, Wu-Tang Killer Bee
Aiyyo presto outta box
Tap you white folks outta locks
Take the shotguns out the grandfather clocks
Planets that I rock you can't astronaut
My house was on Afrika Bambattas block
Aiyyo my candy is prepared for manhandlin
The click from jammin avalanched the grand canyon
That's how big it is, how large it is
Pitbull bite??? Through it???

[Young Zee]
Tryin to scare Zee and Funk Doc y'all playin
If this Scary Movie, you the fag like Shawn Wayans
I pop a lot, I pop shit I pop guns
I pop cherries n***a my pops on the run
You pop shit ya crew betta run
I pop all these shells out and shot pellet guns
Yeah rock box I loot Elle and run
Rock the Bells mix it with Duke Ellington

[Method Man]
They call me Mista Tecal ya stallion
Hard headed dick gotta pussy fetish
Get'cha cosmetic, Meth at it call a medic
And while we said it
These n***as wanna catch amnesia and like forget it
The Outsidaz and y'all can call me Bony Boy
Or Rockwilder when we Face Off like Castor Troy
Creep with me as I roll through the stack
Maniac, lunatic and my whole click packed
Aiyyo Doc
I be spaced like Star Wars
Hardcore n***a don't lock my car doors
I rock shells toes backspin on cardboard
Gazelle type frames, wave caps, and four-fours
Graffiti to place leave my tag Pace Blunta
The barrel of my Glock stay hot like late summer
You freckle motherfuckas need shade to lay under
Jake hunter, look but don't bite I take cover

Hook x2