Mr. Capone-E
You are the one for me
You're the one for me[Mr
Capone-E]That's rightThis is Mr
Capone-EDroppin dis song for all the lovers (baby when we
Cruise together)That's RightYou're the one
For me (you're the one for me)A lil somethin
SomethinOn that slow jam
Tip[Girl]You're the one you're the one
(and it goes a lil somethin like this)So let's take a
Cruise somewhereYou and me[Mr. Capone-E]Come
On, just cruise with me all night longas I sing this slow
Songbaby lets get it onbecause it times been
Wastedsittin in the park hopin that you not takenbut
Still thinkin I can have you when I want youremember that
Day when I first hugged and kissed youmet you at the
Barbecue wit tha thick ol' thighspretty long hair wit
Your almond brown suga eyesgot me hypnotizedstartin
Somethin sweetthis relationship partnership is all we
Needproceed through the streets as we straight up coastin
Wit tha sun roof downbaby stay close and never leave my
Presence and lets keep it trueyou're the one fore me

And I'm the one for you[Chorus]You're
The one for me (That's Right baby)I'm the one for
You (You and me Baby)You're the one for me (Come on
Baby)So lets take a cruiseYou're the one for me
(that's right baby)I'm the one for you (You and
Me baby)You're the one you're the one (come on
Baby)So lets take a cruisesomewhere (that's
Right)you and me (feel me)[Mr. Capone-E]Back
Again, you and meas I continue this journeybaby
I'm for real still me heart in a hurryearly in the
Morning as I wake up to this tunewhile I'm thinkin
About you (while I'm thinkin bout you too)baby girl
Lets take a cruise as I hit the beachrub your body down
Below the ocean as I start to reachkiss you and then as I
Hold you in my arms (you know that I love you john)I keep
It strong but my feelings always ran deepever since jr
High it was just you and me (you and me)swept you off your
Feet cause we got nothing to lose (you and me lets take a
Cruise)(ooohhhhhhh, Baby baby baby

Baby)[Chorus](just you and me)[Mr
Capone-E]That's right baby lets take a cruiseall
Night longnothin can stop uswith you by my side on
This long journey long ridewhere the sun shines till
Eternity (an eternity)baby I'm for real Mr. Capone-E
(Mr. Capone-E)Lets take a cruise, you feel me(I feel
You too) Cause I feel you (I feel you too)(You and me)
[x4](baby I know when we cruise together)
[x3](just you and me... just you and me)