Mr. Capone-E
No Problem
"This is a L.O.B. Production"

Chorus: Nitty
I can get you what you need (Right...)
It's no problem
All I want is the green, in about a half an hour
I'm like (I'm like)
It's no problem
It's no problem
I can get you what you need
If that's what you want
With some good quality, got them prices on the low
I'm like
It's no problem
It's no problem

[Verse 1: Mr. Capone-E]
I be slanging shit, bitch, like
Every single day
Pounds of coke
Pounds of dope
Pounds of motherfuckin' haze
Rap CD's
But ese
I'm never hands on
I'm a go-getter, bitch, and always get my bang on
2K9, and I'm now teaching a new
How to double up and profit
In any occupation
A kingpin, the diary
The feel of the apprentice
The murder of the hustler
The fucking delinquent
The caps
Nicknamed me after the famous Al
The most hated, most loved, and watch my
Money pile
I'm a tycoon affiliated with
Young soldiers
Spreading the surside from the valley
Of California
Money over bitches
That's M.O.B
And I'm still real and give you
What you need
You want rhymes, you want dimes, you wants gats, you want cash
And levas, out for my southsiders and Nitty's on the map
Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Elite 1]
Let me know what you want
Let me know what you need cause I got it
Roll with the baddest, roll with the phattest
Roll with the dopest fuckin' prider
This not that shit that'll take some time, this not that shit that'll make you cough
This shit right here (This shit right here)
This shit right here fin to set it off
Gotta get my money and I gotta get my stack, I'm on my grind hustlin'
I'm on the block, on my own to shot, and I'm ready to get me somethin'
Ready to get them dollars, workin' that grind for so many hours
Workin' for years, blood, sweat, and tears, ready to get it, the game is ours
Get it down, flip it, and I'll make it back
Hustle game, I'm with 'em on the track
Gotta put on, for my people in my city, and I gotta let 'em know, we on the map
What's up, homie, let me know the deal
Tryin' to make a lot of these dollar bills
Smoke mary jane right to the brain, gotta love it, cause the way she make a player feel
Whatever you need, I got it
Just let me know and I bring it back
Give me the money, and then half an hour, I'll hit a lick and we makin' a stack
You know that's how we go down
Never be telling no lie
Elite 1, Hi Power, if you need it, then we'll supply (Supply...)
Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Lucky Luciano]
Ain't money on my damn mind, it's Lucky, yep, I'm 'bout to shine
Now watch how I go get mine, and put it down for H-Town
What you need, what you want
Got CDs all in my trunk
I get cocaine that I'll rock up
No weak car, straight (???)
That bling blind, that green weed, with no seed, by the O-Z
I stay far, from police, me and that boy Capone-E
Breaking bread, shakin' FEDs, leavin' haters for dead
See my chains sunny, with pocket full of honey
It's Lucky, I'm on the go for my platinum plaques
Stackin' cash, stackin' bad, swangin' in my Cadillac
All about dinero
Foot down on the pedal
Ain't nobody liver, I'm a star up in the ghetto

Hook: Lucky Luciano
World star Mexican, with diamonds in his necklace
Mixin' up this legal dope, from Cali to Texas
World star Mexican, with diamonds on his necklace
Mixin' up this legal dope, from Cali to Texas

Repeat Chorus

[Mr. Capone-E]
I told y'all, I put you on
That's right, spreadin' that love worldwide, southsider rider here, Mr. Capone-E
Ha ha
It's no problem, homie
Let's get at it, G
No problem
Let the motherfuckin' caps know