Mr. Capone-E
Intro: California Girls
That’s right we’re back, California style
Mr. Capone-E and Zapp
Let em know (California)
(Mr. Capone-E and Zapp)
(We love California)
(California, we love the west side)
(We love those California girls)
(Yes we do, yeah)
(I’m a lowrider)
(East L.A.)
(San Gangster Valley, Hollywood)
(Riverside, watts)
(Oh yeah)
(San Diego, Old Town)
(Bay Area)
(California girls)

Yeah that’s right
It’s your homeboy Mr. Capone-E and Zapp
Back again, tu sabes
Ol’ skool music Volume 2
I’m the real California love right here
Putting it down all across the nation
Ol skool music
Zapp, Mr. Capone-E putting it down
Tu sabes
Do it like this