Charles "Chizzy" Stephens III
Stuntin’ Like a Fool
[Verse 1: T.I.]
Black jeans, white tee
Black rims, white B
8 figure n***a, small digits don't excite me
Iced out brightly, shine like lightning
Everything bad bout my bitches but they hygeine
Turned up hyphy, everytime you see me on
Matter fact, you can't see me
'Less you turn your TV on
Ay, we beyond that peon shit
That he be on
I stunt, ball daily
Fuck y'all, pay me
Rockstar lifestyle, might not make it
My life like a movie
Call me Martin Scorsese
On fire blazin', burnin' hot cajun
Ay dude, fuckin' A, I am fuckin A-mazin!

[Bridge: T.I.]
Everytime you see me out
Just take yo' ho' and
We be out
We throwin 'bands and goin' HAM, no doubt
You know what we be 'bout
[Hook: T.I.]
Ballin' out the frame
Stuntin' like a fool
Ay you know how we do
Stuntin' like a fool

[Verse 2: T.I.]
Ankle sock, flip flop, maybach-clear top
Killin shit I oughta get a buncha tatted teardrops
Mil's all that we about
Fuck that shit you hear about
You don't wanna be the one them g's come and see about
Party in the penthouse
Live in the boondocks
Million dollar watch, diamond loud as a boombox
Bullshit I do not
On that dough I zoom in
Haters bet cool out, 'fore I call them goons in
Who you think you foolin'?
You bad n***a? Do it then
Show me, make me a believer
You don't know me, I'm low key
Hoes on a n***as strivers row
Cargo pants, Louis V
They doin bad, I'm doin me

[Verse 3: T.I.]
Take a frame, gettin paid
Out the frame, Skip Bay'ed
All I blow is strong
Dont insult me with your mid-grade
Mid-day, late night
All I lay is straight pipe
Hit her from behind, nevermind what her face like
Then I take flight in a zone
Bitch I'm on one
Got so many enemies, cuz n***as bitches into me
It's finna be some mad mufuckas in a minute
When I send that pussy back to em and they fall in it
Don't care who Im offendin'
Been a G since the beginnin
They love you when you losin'
Guess they hate me cuz I'm winnin
I'm sinnin and repentin to God
And trying hard to stay humble and keep my cool
Cuz I'm stuntin' like a fool