Lil' Cease
The Cypher: The Notorious B.I.G. Tribute
[Verse 1: Lil Cease]
N***a, what you won't we will do
For instance, trying to [...] your body from the mildew
Fucking with me is like walking on thin ice with a steel shoe
Shoot your grandmother, thou shots should kill you
Sixteen years still B.I. to the death
While you middle-level balling n***as fall a nest
I'm trying to eat
That's a vegan flow with no beef
And I love it like [?] with no teeth
Y'all n***as just a waste of air like slow leaks
While we kill n***as dead on tracks, cold cheeks
You fucking with a don, get you cut like a coupon
Bloody like a newborn, posted like a photon
N***as bleed just like us, that's what Big said
All my n***as ready to die because Big did
Yeah, and I'm a hardbody rider
Brooklyn n***a to the death, yes, a outsider

[Verse 2: Joey Bada$$]
Tell me what the fuck an angel does
From seeing kids who ain't aged enough
Getting high of angel dust
From NY to Los Angeles, it ain't no love
In the heart of the city looking where their car at or their Pontiac
Get cardiac arrest if you feel risky
Real pissy, I change cheese to real [?] and
Cats used to yawn on his raps now look at him
Shit ain't been the same since the n***as started booking him
Bullet with your pin up looking sharper than bulletin
With pin-stripes and hollow tip bullets in it
He's something that you'd invest in
Catch him on Late Night, but he ain't interesting
Pop up and poop out something like intestines
It's no correction cause the mic been checking
The only time be asking is when he be sexing
My team like Teenage Mutants and X-Men
Fire spark when I be stepping, he the human torch
Inhale it, fules of all sorts of course
Steez taught me how to store in my ball shorts
So we stopped by the D, we never get caught
I say it again, we face L's, but never lost
Here to be a baller, but fell six feet short
Each day in this living hell, feel remorsed
But he had a million dollar smile way before he flossed
I'm off
[Verse 3: Uncle Murda]
March 9th is Biggie day
Any one of them dudes could get it from Snoop to Dre
Nah, don't say that - they be on some chill shit
You know me, I can't help but say some real shit
Man, especially when it come to Big
I'm getting high like damn they took him from his kids
Oh, we let them cockroaches kill a legend
Ain't nobody out here but me repping
Man, I grew up listening to Big
Had shootouts after I finished listening to Big
Dawg, if I ain't rep Big the most
Then the real Rick Ross never seen a brick of coke
For Big I feed a n***a the whole clip
Let me catch a n***a that ran with the Death Row clique
R.I.P. to best manager - Chris Lighty
Before he died he had got LA Reid to sign me

[Verse 4: Maino]
Yeah, coming from the BK where they don't hesitate to waste life
Underworld, where we sleep days and up nights
Only live once so I'm out on the streets like
Should I go and find a strip club or find Christ?
Lord, I need a skinny chick with fat lips
It ain't been a n***a repping this hard since fat Chris
Get it? I run Brooklyn like Big did it
Chick in my crib won't leave like Big spirit
I'm trying to get it and keep going
Audemar bright, can't hide it, keep glowing
All of my life been real, it keep showing
She said it's too big just [?]
I want it all, no pleasing him
This the mafia, screaming like Ceas' and 'em
My pants keep falling, I'm cheesing 'em
The hand of God get smacked by Jesus' son
So keep debating if I'm nice or not
While I'm debating should I fuck his wife or not
Let her bring a friend with her now, it's [?]
One room, two chick, dive in, why not?
I'm on that bullshit anyway
No license on the Rolls Royce anyway
Bedstuy we gone celebrate Biggie Day
March 9th, it's a big day everyday
[Verse 5: Fred the Godson]
I'm on track like the money train
I sold coke so the money came
Hold up, I sold coke soda, money came
Mother writing my uncle, she had to lick the stamp
No food in the fridge, they having liquor stamps
Had to go to the stripping land
Had to get my camp under [?], shit, forget the rent
[?] conviction, father fighting addiction
You gotta go like a tree, we gotta leave these conditions
What do you do when you look into an hourglass?
Whole team stitches, y'all start looking like [?]
Plus y'all know the block earning
Nevermind them shots burning
New body Tahoe, the block swerving
Since March 9th I never did like them box suburbans
He used to camp with me
Now I might light up his livingroom being that he used to lamp with me
Stop amping me, y'all nothing but some ants to me
Running around in the garden, come holla Anthony
But on some real shit
I'm who y'all go to when you wanna hear some shit
Now this the difference
I got a crib and a studio
Your crib is a studio, we got different rents
It's nothing, shit
My chain named Lim Kim cause its fucking big
[Verse 6: Joell Ortiz]
Who shot ya? You shot who? Answer the question
Questions better we answered or I'm advancing a weapon
When the weapons advancing everything stops
So stop everything or everything shot
I done shot everything, that's not a good look
I look good, write good hooks, I hook good
Have your hood shook, I shook hoods
Trust me, me trust anybody, never
Too many dudes change like the weather
I make the weather change, bring rain to your sweater
On a nice day give you a slight chill
Chill slightly with that ice grill
I grill ice and get it yap
Yap dudes who ain't get it
And clap at dudes who try to get it back
Getting back to this rap, I'm so nice
Nice so much, mucher the people prefer to hear it twice
I'm so nice, nice so much, mucher the people prefer to hear it twice
Get it?
It get ugly when I'm in a booth
Booths I get in get so hot they gotta build a sunroof
I roof sun chairs, one by one, yeah
She ain't wanting my sons, ain't no one on ones, kid
You get your clique jumped like Kriss Kross
Fam in the waiting room and all of their fingers kriss crossed
Double cross Chris nephew
Chris Wallace, me miss you
Pop Cristal for Jay, he kept Brooklyn official
When you bump into Christopher Rios
Tell Joell Christopher Ortiz is repping Puerto Rico