Lil' Cease
Future Sport
[Lil' Cease]
Let the Mony out (yo, yo)
Let the Mony out (yo, yo)
*Monkey noises*

Yo, yo, this Funk Doc
Straight up, n***a, lay down
No time to play now (uh ha)
Brace be around your hip from the waist down
Keep it calm and don't react
Cognac be the Zodiac
Lo, we back, cock, so these cats won't relax
You see the face through the open mask, body
Open gash, hoes throw me cash
We gon blow, front row, do tash
I'm a what you call a dog *Dog barking*
Fucking girls that do hair in mini-malls
Lunatic when Doc spit, four patted walls (uh ha)
Sick therapy got you back in the raw (uh ha)
Cocky mass, I put the axe in the door
Massacre, seminars off Branson jars
I'll strip your hoe, strip your Benz
Even strip that black line on your Master Card
Card, card, card
[Joe Hooker- Chorus]
You're 'fraid to say what you mean
You're just too scared to say what you feel
You're afraid of us
You're afraid of us

[Mr. Bristal]
BK n***as, hold it down correct (uh ha)
Been a long time coming, n***as better start running
Do more than top-gunning
Dumming like a fifty-dollar sum
And y'all cowards don't mean nothing (uh huh)
Kept it real with this Rap shit while you try to go Pop
I got the Maz' flow down on the schemes and plots (uh ha)
If I want, n***a, I could come and take your block
So call them, the first one to call the cops
Like a lesbi, strictly platinum status n***a, let's see
I don't wanna test, B, n***as don't impress me
Who got you gassed like Ghetty, funny like Eddie? (uh huh)
Bris' flow deadly, cuttin' n***as like a machete
Done, I die tech when it's indirect (c'mon)
The home team woulda never let a n***a disrespect (c'mon)
We carry every object, enough ammo to take 'em (uh huh)
Any ghetto project, so what n***a wanna test? (aaaahhh!)

[Lil' Cease]
Yo, yo, ha ha, yo
It's the phenomenonal Cease, kill more than cancer
Serious, real thug, no dancer (what)
More cheese than cameras, cock them hammers (uh)
My fo' fo' leave n***as bent like Montana
I'm killer than these cats could imagine when I'm rapping (oww)
I make it happen when I'm relaxing
Who want action? I'ma give you whatcha bargain for
It's not friction, it's like fiction
Puttin' these cats outta commission
Flows that's devastatin', I'm dissin', so listen
If it's hot, then get the fuck out the kitchen
We All-City, we all-pretty
N***as rather die just to floss wit' me (ha)
Keep it real, fuck how n***as feel (feel)
Cuz this direct shit gonna get n***as killed
N***as sayin' Cease can't write, Cease can't rob (yo)
Little do they know, I'm ahead of my time
Future rhymes, what

[Chorus to end]

[Lil' Cease]
Yo, c'mon
Yo, yo, say what
Ha ha, yo
You afraid
You afraid
Yeah, yo
Uh huh, uh huh, huh
Future sport motherfuckers
Buck buck buck buck
Huh, ahhhh!
Uh huh, c'mon
Uh huh, huh
Ha ha, ha