Lil' Cease
[Intro: Peedi Crakk]

[Verse 1: Peedi Crakk]
And I'm G.A.M.E, so please don't tempt me!
Yo that 4-5 keep holding your boy down
Won't leave nothing alive but everything in the ground
And I ain't trying to brag, but the S5 pound
Keep shitting on her ass every time I flex round
Now I got my moms still thinking her boy good
I kiss her before I leave, then hit you up in the hood
A n***a gonna bleed if Peedi don't eat good
And I'm G.A.M.E. so please don't tempt me!
This one is for my hood, my gun ain't under the hood
It's sitting here on my lap, my cap is under my hood
Good! My aim good, I'm doing this like I should
And I'm G.A.M.E. so please don't tempt me!
See they up in the hood with Cease and Indy Loc
L.D. took the scooter, he's coming back with the smokes
See n***as in the hood, n***as baking and n***as early!
G.A.M.E. so please don't tempt me!

[Verse 2: Lil Cease]
Ayo I roll with Peedi Crakk, I drink booze with Free
Smoke a pound with young gunner, plus I mack with Beans
Now it's State P, masks out Mafia gang
And them slugs gon' stain, crack your skull and your brain
Then sing your ass a lullaby
N***a more money, more problems, more murder, more homocide
Bang Bang Mafia Gang, we let the drama ride
G.A.M.E. so please don't tempt me!
I'll pop you because I'm high and paranoid
Sometimes I feel like my n***as is Hammer Boys
Beat you to a pulp like Suge did Danny Boy
G.A.M.E. so please don't tempt me!
I'ma squeeze until my clips on empty
Empty every piece of slug all in your Bentley
So don't tempt me, n***a I gets busy
G.A.M.E. so please don't tempt me!
[Verse 3: Beanie Sigel]
Well they call me B. Mack, but today I got the K
I got the S, I got the A, I don't think you want to play
OK? My chopper clips hold a hundred copper sticks
And I'm G.A.M.E. with them things off safety!
I play the hood, usually up to no good
Keep my vest on my chest under my S.P. hood
I'm good! I'm laying low and my squad will burn them woods
And I'm G.A.M.E. so please don't tempt me!
It ain't no thing for me to swing around your block
With them machines that go ROCK
Get off the scene before the cops
Ain't nobody seen squat
All they did was heard the shots
And I'm G.O.O.D. like you don't know me!
Or know where I stand on ya
Grown man on ya
A hundred shot can on ya
Playing block, blam on ya (blow!)
And blast the steel all greasy on you
It ain't shit to lay a half a mil easy on you
You want a blockbuster? I'm up the block busters
State Prop fucker, I know you cocksucker
Cocksucker I see the bitch all in your face
I'm G.A.M.E. to piss all in your face!
[Verse 4: Young Chris]
Well they call me Young Gunner but today I'm Mr. Chris
Got the 357 with the speed 30 kick, you're hit
My three fifth make you n***as shit and piss
I'm with the D.A.N.G. G.A.N.G. (yeah!)
My boy Sig and Mafia boy Cease (Cease)
And Peedi gonna bring the Property more cheese (please!)
Who gonna stop it, then drop it, and say bet
And I'm G.A.M.E. you P.E.S.T
Peedi in check, Sigel in check
Sigel got that eagle, Cease-A-Leo got them techs
I know Freewizzle got his thizzle in his vest
And we G.A.M.E. we can B.A.N.G. (now!)
Y'all ain't a threat, y'all n***as is our pets
You mutts go in the bars, y'all younguns go play fetch
(Say What!) I play the (?) throw something all in your chest
You gon' R.E.S.P.E.C.T. me, now!