Lil' Cease
Take It!
[Skit: Trife, The Notorious B.I.G. & Lil' Cease]
Damn baby, can't believe you bagged Lil' Kim
Oh yeah, that bitch on my dick, man
She see my Benz roll on my dick fuck that bitch
I'ma knock her ass
But yo yo you should fuck her homegirl though
I want to I want to man
But that bitch want some eatin' pussy shit yo
I'm not tryna fuck with that kid
Yeah, but the other one
The little short one with the fat ass
Thinkin' right there
I think I could put it in the ass
I'ma tell y'all something, I'ma fuck Kim
I'ma take her up in the room
I want that one right there
With the ponytail?
Yeah, fuck her, fuck her
I'ma fuck her good
Take that, take that, yo
No doubt
We gon' fuck the shit out these bitches
I'm gon' take that out right now
We gon' fuck the shit out these bitches
That's anal right there
Anal, baby
Fuckin' anal, I don't give a fuck