Bone Crusher
No Trust
ATL Baby, baby what
Yea, Yea, Yea
Now check dis out naw y'all
I'm talk about these flaw broads {flaw broads}
These flaw n***as {flaw n***as}
Be tryin' to get in wit cha
Plottin to get cha
And when the hit cha they think they gon' get richer
We gotta let the n***as know
Check It out

[Verse 1: Rasheeda] + {Nandi}
I take a minute to get in it, let this game unfold
Who put Atlanta on the map and now we're platinum and gold?
Now who contendin' with these heavyweights (flow for flow)?
Who got yo n***a actin' single at my {sold out show}?
Been in the game runnin' game, n***a {know that}
And seen the tightest to the lame n***as {fall flat}
These streets is watchin' all you paid n***as {so don't chat}
With all them fed time laid n***as {naw, now fuck that}
You won't be rimmed up and hemmed up, n***a, fo' sho
This major paper got you feelin' like you in control
Take a minute, think about it, need to slow your roll
Lost your focus, hocus pocus, you done {sold your soul}
For some small change, mind frame got too swoll'
Before you know it you gon' blow it, n***a {no mo' dough}
For some small change, mind frame got too swoll'
Before you know it you gon' blow it, n***a {no mo' dough}
[Chorus: Bone Crusher] + [Rasheeda & Nandi]
(Bone) Ra Ra Ra Rasheeda don't trust dat hoe, don't fuck wit dat bitch
(R&N) I come up on these haterz and I stack my chip
(Bone) Sold da Benz on you n***a boo-bee you da shit
(R&N) I got my mind on my money so I'll kill a bitch

[Verse 2: Rasheeda] + {Nandi}
Now that I'm watchin' you {checkin every move dat chu make)
Now that I'm clockin' you {schemin on da dough you can take)
I'm comin after you {blastin wit the clip in da plate}
Do what I gotta do {my n***a makin no mistakes} Yo!
Me and my girls ridin shotgun 'bout 10 deep
Cambleton road game told on da late nite creep
While I'm trippin figgas missin know I counted it too
Now only hoes who was touchin money was da ones in my crew
{Now think about) Is it the bitch in the 6 behind
The one I took under my wing and treated like she was mine
Raised her up {she came up}
I put her flow on fire
Gave her da game and da fame thinkin I could retire

I had the crew with the downest bitches
They fall in da stackin riches
I knew that I should have listened
To my womens intuitions
But y'all ain't keep positions
Now y'all wanna make decisons
I'll have y'all hoe hittin switches
Pidgeons and turns the switches

[Verse 3: Rasheeda] + {Nandi}
Better watch dem hoe's who's down wit cha
Plottin' to get cha and when they hit cha
Think they gonna get richer
Picture me {shoppin' sprees} tearin' up da mall
Lil' sista feelin' richer lettin all y'all ball
If you wanna get it got it shawty down for yours
Round trip oversea's on my worldwide tour
You was like my lil homie 2 step behind
Never thinkin' for a minute dat you would scheme on mine
Knew it from the jump should have got it crunk, but still
Had my mind on my shine lettin' all y'all chill
{Now tell me} Who was da one who had you livin' this life
How the hell you gon' ??? gave you the ice
Laced you n***a with my figgas just because he was nice
If I knew then what I knew now I would have thought 2 about it
Doubt it; now y'all hoe's is cut
Gonna throw your life away you gotta trick to keep up

[Chorus] - repeat 2X