Bone Crusher
Who Are We
[Intro: Ghostface Killah (Bonecrusher) {Trife Da God}]
Staten Island stand up, New York City stand up
Ya'll about to witness something ya'll never heard before
(Yeah) {Theodore, n***a} Let's go, fucka (Bonecrusher)
Know what I mean (the south and the north) Bang this in your trucks
{Ant Acid, what up?} (Ghostface, Trife) {yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah}
(Theodore, let's go) Aiyo, aiyo

[Trife Da God]
I'm not a gangsta, I'm an army of one
But Trife Diesel, Toney Starks, go together, like Bacardi and Rum
See this burner on my waist, to refurnish your face
The lead from the barrel, leave mouths with a permanent taste
And have these faggot n***as, squirmin' to Jake, they so frail
Cuz like Ernest, just wanna see me Goin' To Jail
But your boy'll make bail, get out and set sail
And hit, every drug spot in the hood, and collect mail
It's Trife, the barbarian, quick to put your dog to sleep like veterinarians
Have him layin' up somewhere in the Presbyterian
Doctors pumpin' air in 'em
They got his soul floatin', like he was high off of helium
My block is like the Gaza Strip, opposite of metropolis
We hungry like some hostages, n***as get shot and die for this
While you sittin', write about stories, that just do not exist
Your lies is fabricated, and you? Don't make no kind of sense
[Hook: Bonecrusher (Solomon Childs) {Ghostface Killah}]
Parker Bear, for sure we some killas
Wide Street, the thriller in Manilla
We runnin', nowhere, so n***a, don't go there
Get stuck to sleep, n***a, fuckin' with me
Who are we? (718) Some bonifide killas
Who are we? (404) Some street wide killas
Who are we? {Theodore} Some bonifide killas
We run, nowhere, so n***a, don't go there

[Ghostface Killah]
I'm gonna show ya'll n***as how we gettin' down
And how we flip your town, The Terminator
Got you dudes, look who snitchin' now
Fe-fi-fo-fam it, it's Tony Montana
My hammer be tippin' the scale, have you hittin' the canvas
In Kansas, they call me Rich Rock, not for my cracks
My fingers be wearin' big blocks, bitch, you can get shot up
Traumed up drama, not enough gores to rep
Partner, somebody, tell 'em Ghost, keep that big armor
Four-fifths, thirty eights, broke inside these twenty-two's
Jim Starr's, leave a scar, mac-11's, do to
I roll like a Bonecrusher, touch it like Usher, I "burn"
See me in New Orleans, start puffin' on 'sherm
All my Dirty South n***as jump, cheer us on, pussy hump
Greasy ease' n***as, fuck that, like the Grammy's up
Theodore, we makin' our paper, we bout to ante up
Ya'll n***as know from Staten to Brooklyn we got the jammy tucked
Do you and your father, kill a germ now before it spread
Anywhere further, don't bother, sweet horror
Thanks to the revolver, Ramik had the leap from the heat
Like he was Frogger, bang monster King Arthur
Guns older than Bob Barker, graze comin' out the nose barrel
Trouble maybe, then we from Harvard
[Solomon Childs]
We roll, big guns, hut one, hut two
Staten Island, A.T.L., what ya'll wanna do?


[Outro: Ghostface Killah]
Yeah, what up, Staten Island, stand up
That's right, New York City, stand up
Bonecrusher, Theodore Unit, A.T.L
This that shit, get your wig popped off, muthafucka