Bone Crusher
It’s Going Down
Yeah yeah one time (Uh Oh) your right Baby D be checking in
By A-T-L (Uh Oh)
With my home boy, Bone Crusher (Uh Oh) and a my homie Dru, two, oh c'mon dunk (15x) (Uh Oh 2x) (Bring it On, what?) (6x)

It's going down in this bitch tonight, n***a
It's going down in this bitch tonight, biatch
It's going down in this bitch tonight, n***a
It's going down in this bitch tonight, tell
(He ain't saying nothing 8x) (What these n***as 8x) (What)

(Baby D)
I;m gonna send it to your city
We gonna act a damn clown
Put it down for all my n***as reppin' that funky A-Town
It don't matter where you from shawty do what you do
Rep your city let me see ya throw it up 'cause I'm a rep mine too
LA to Tennesse all the way to the NYC
I'm talking 'bout the side but I know its Double O to P
Known for getting the club pumped up and outta control
And making them girls come up up outta they clothes
24's I found some dro and we do the damn thing
Sip Champagne in the VIP is just a part of the game
But who's to blame when the clubs getting buck ass wild
It's them boys from the A throwing bows in the crowd
Keep talking loud and watch it man, I'll shut you up
'Cause I'm the butta-sudder but your bound to get stuck
You better duck, or get your ass stomped to the ground
If you don't know by now it's about to go down

I can't believe it we keep on ryhmin
Don't make me go out in silence
Talking when we just resort to violence
Talkin' just can't just stop those problems
Back in the club
We pushin those bottles
Have to be drinkin'
What is y'all thinking?
It ain't goin' down
Bitch we blowin' up the nation
Paper chasin
Leavin' them trails blazin'
Only hell can save em
God can raise em
Had to take em
Don't throw parky evermo
Holiday rapin
D-R-U is scared of payton
Whatcha say?

Absoultly nothing partner
Pullin' them down I'm captivatin'
Living this life it has to go down
Ridin' around to push and the pound
Any mo?
Smokin' the dro
Wallet with money is shakin' with dough
Kickin them dough
Just makin' sho
I am getting down to get loot
Except my struggles
Messin with family I will do ya
I ain't got no reason to lie
Now its head of the season when I see you we ride
We ain't gonna even reply
Shawty, we lettin' 'em fly
We throwin' 'em up
And lettin' 'em know it's goin' down tonight

So you're saying you want to get physical
So catch enough from this bitch boy I'm sick of you
Bitch boy, I'm down for the tussel
Show you what's up under this fat, it's the muscle
Mr. Killa
We're right to your jaw
I'm drillin' ya
So what the fuck it is tight
N***a yeah I ain't never scared
If you rather your hand
Where the fuck n***as fled
Where my soldiers man?
When I give the command
Leave his body in his shoes
Where the fuck n***a stands
Run through y'all
From the ???? to the Squad
We be doin' y'all
We leave them all stanky like
Horse manure y'all
Yo it's personal to me
Like a mother fuckers want it
You know what I mean
I'm straight from the field
Headin to swats
So you best fucking smarten up or I'll show you what I got