Bone Crusher
Ghetto Song
[Intro-Bone Crusher]YeahUn-huhWhoa!Vainglorious, open ya ears and listenBread and Water just place meyes, indeedBone Crusher, whoaYes!Some of that Break 'Em Off (the terror spectrum to what I do)Okay, listen closelyListenListen

[Chorus]I'm just riding in my homeSinging this ghetto songIn this hood I call homeSinging this ghetto songWhoa! Singing this ghetto songSinging this ghetto songSinging this ghetto songSinging this ghetto songSinging this ghetto
[Bone Crusher]I told y'all I'm gheto for lofeI'm always heavy I'm never in lifeBare last from Chevy gotta keep it tightAnd my hood run through me so I'm repping it rightVainglorious, my n***as can trustThat I got they back when it's time to attackKeep grinding and trapping for ya paper
You know they gon hate so you keep it struggle, player
Gonna hustles, the grown muscles
My uncle told me that these streets touck ya
Amazing, huh I just love it
I still hear my grandma fussing
I'm country cousin

[Lil Pete]
Lil Peezle
Bone Crusher
Y'all know how we do it
What's up

[Lil Pete]
N***a ghetto for life and I'm Be here forever
Thug n***as from these streets and we hustler for cheddar
So we can live better and have bigger thangs
Blow joke all day and sip on champagne
See in this that I call home
We slang crack all night till the early mourn
First street across the Georgia where I got it on
Sticky pants and t-shirts with my fucking stone
Mean-mug on my face everyday, home
I keep my radio tune to this ghetto song
And pray to God that it won't be long before we hit the top
I shit blow up n***a and hit the fucking chart
A n***a riding

[Bone Crusher]
Hit the rib shack for a little snack
I see this little shawty with the donkey in the back
"Only in the hood with ya fineness, just so fine ghetto princess"
Why not? My focus is all that I got
Shout's out to Goodie Long stay strong Cool Joe
We done it we all foe
I wish them young n***as would get off the blow
But it's like this in every ghetto
But I stay strong maybe thers's some hope
I like to have fun but life ain't a joke
Sometimes I just wanna sit back and smoke

[Chorus] (2x)