Keegan-Michael Key
We Look to You
My days have little glamour
Writing memos, making calls
And wincing at the grammar
Written on the bathroom walls
It's all school supplies and budget size
And wading through red tape
That's why I love the theater
It's how I escape

[DEE DEE, spoken]
So, theater's a distraction, is that what you mean?

[TOM, spoken]
A distraction is momentary. An escape helps you heal

We look to you to take us away
From the soul-crushing jobs and emasculating pay
When our lives come up short and our hopes are sad and few
You whisk us off to some place strange and new

We look to you in good times and bad
The worlds you crеate make the rеal one seem less sad
The curtain goes up and every now and then
It feels as if we're coming home again
Yes, coming home again
We need a place to run to when everything goes wrong
When the answer to each problem is to burst into a song
And standard rules of logic just simply don't apply
When people dance in unison and no one wonders why

[DEE DEE, spoken]
Oh, you make it sound so beautiful

We look to you, as strange as it seems
When reality goes to scary new extremes
So don't ever give up and this I guarantee
Next time you think no one cares, you can look to me