Boot Camp Clik
What You See
[Sean Price]
Hip hop grip Glocks and hit cops
And tell everybody on your block to get gwops
Coward, fuck is you Cunningham Howard?
No more happy days, the gat clap at your grays
Deligating, regulating, never have to use a gun
Rock is the opposite, pop a clip, bitch, you shooting son
Sean Price got the icon flow
Run up the wall and backflip, Tae Kwon Do
Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger, Kung Fu Hustling
Sell weed to Chinese n***as who keep a Dutch in 'em

[Hook 2x: Sean Price (Buckshot)]
What you see is what you get now
Don't you forget now, this is it now
(You better watch who around you
Cuz n***as will pound you, and wanna trey pound/come pound you)

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have let you
Without something you can one-two step to
Yeah, I see how the game done changed
N***as talking real tough, like they built that way
But up north, up north, you was known as a chump chaser
Now you home, you wanna look at me like you a gangster
Everybody told me you as fucking them boys
Yeah, your name was making noise, but you was fucking them boys
I see you let your zoota grow in, and your looks changed
Oh, you a Muslim, now? On my dope game
Look man, gun control, just mean both hands
Nah, I never hit ya man with no grams
Damn, we trying to bring a n***a down there
How I'mma do Ludacris said
Move, bitch, get out the way
'Fore the forty cal spray, put your head a block away
[Hook 2x]

Two step, Timb check, gun up under the jacket
Hoodie on, gets it on, with any one of you bastards
The streets watching, ain't no time for relaxing
Block hugging, paper chasing, on the grind trying to stack it, man
Camera leave the 'ville on your tactics
Be the blade you gave us, dude, to use to stab in ya back with
Alot of you be looking at the game backwards
Thinking it's a game until your body laying in the casket

[Starang Wondah]
Aiyo, I'm sorry if you never been on a safari
Army green Ferrari, sitting on Bergatti
Yo, hit the hood, I pull up in a new Jag
Same color doorag, n***a, you mad
Bitches like 'who that', all trying to eye us
And ya'll dick riders, fiending to sit by us
Yo, sideline n***as is so ridiculous
You don't roll wit Dougie, so you can't be vicious, listen

[Hook 2x]