Emma Stone
South African Millionaire and Opulent Philanthropist Ref Wayne’s New Book ‘Top Down Analysis on the Financial Markets’ is Coming on August 2020
South African young millionaire, Forex master, and the author of the best-selling book 'The Art of Trading', Ref Wayne, is all set to launch his second book in August this year. The entrepreneur who wears various hats has titled this forthcoming book as ‘Top-down Analysis on the Financial Markets.’ It will focus on the detailed analysis of the financial markets and will be majorly for stock and forex traders. The book will be available in the market as soon as it is launched in August 2020. Although popular by Ref Wayne, his real name is Refiloe Nkele. The opulent philanthropist became a Forex master and millionaire at such a young age
After realizing the importance of Forex trading and cryptocurrency, he decided to drop out of this 9th grade to become a millionaire. With his progressive thinking and deep knowledge, he became the cryptocurrency stalwart in Africa. His first book, ‘The Art of Trading’, originally published around three years ago on 2 October 2017, became a major hit on leading online bookstore, Goodreads. It clearly explains how one can become a successful Forex trader even without expert knowledge. The book gained much popularity in Africa and the suburbs. With his new book, Ref is aiming to reach more audience and educate them about Forex trading and help them become a millionaire just like him
His upcoming book ‘Top down Analysis of the Financial Markets’ is about Forex trading. Ref Wayne has written this book to teach people about the advanced trading methods that not known to the general public. Through this book, he plans to spread awareness about Forex trading and also a detailed look at the stock and financial markets. It discusses various strategies that allow people to understand how to make money online and ultimately become the best Forex trader
The book offers concrete ways to make plans and execute them into action, says Ref. Further, it gives a relatable step-by-step approach for achieving success in the trading business. Although he plans to launch the book earlier, it got delayed until August due to the global Covid-19 crisis. And now that he has organized everything for the book launch, he hopes that people will show some love and support for this work as well. During the book launch in August, Ref will unveil the complete details about the book, including its price and availability. If you want to get hold of Forex trading and want to know how to become a millionaire through cryptocurrency, be sure to attend the book launch in August. At this young age, Ref Wayne is inspiring millions of young and adults in South Africa to never stop chasing their dreams no matter how big are they. Through his educational videos, webinars, and speeches, the entrepreneur is helping layman become an expert in digital trading. The visionary philanthropist has educated thousands of such people. And through his continuous efforts and book, he will keep on doing so in the future as well