Emma Stone
Using a Pay Stub Creator: Reasons Why Pay Stubs Are Important
In 2015, a reported 78.2 million people in the U.S. worked for an hourly wage. Likely, this number has only gone up. In many cases, these employees likely receive a pay stub from their employer. 
Many of these employees worked for small businesses. That's why, if you're a small business owner, it's important to know what pay stubs are and how they benefit you. It's even more important to know how to find the best pay stub creator. 
This guide will walk you through evеrything you need to know about pay stubs. It'll also help you find the perfеct pay stub creator. 
What Are Pay Stubs?
A pay stub is part of your paycheck that lists employee payment information. Typically, these include at least the wages earned during the pay period, year-to-date payroll, taxes, and other deductions. 
Employees can usually access pay stubs in either printed or electronic form. However, pay stubs are not required in every state.
Included Information
Usually, pay stubs include certain key pieces of information. This includes:
Employee information (name, social security, address)
Employer information (name, address)
Employee pay rate
Date of the pay period
Gross earnings (before taxes)
Taxes withheld
Deductions, such as health or life insurance
Employee contributions, such as retirement plans
Net pay (pay after withheld amounts)
You can produce paystubs for your employees with checkstub maker. This pay stub creator app can help you make pay stubs without breaking a sweat.
Why Are Pay Stubs Important?
Employers should seek out a professional pay stub creator for a few reasons. To begin with, pay stubs serve as an official record of payments. 
Pay stubs can help employers with accurate payroll keeping. This is especially useful if you are ever audited, as it provides a proven record that employees received accurate payment.
It's also useful for employees to have pay stubs on hand if they are ever audited. Additionally, pay stubs can help both employers and employees determine which taxes and fees have been deducted.
In some cases, pay stubs are also required to acquire housing, buy a car, or secure a personal loan.
Are Pay Stubs a Legal Requirement?
While pay stubs are not required by federal law, each state has its own rules and regulations. There are generally three required actions regarding pay stubs. These include:
Access States
Access states simply require some form of access to pay stubs, whether it be printed or electronically. An easy pay stub creator makes these readily available. 
Access/Print States
Access/print states require at least easy print access. However, electronic statements are also acceptable, as long as employees can easily print their pay stubs.
Opt-in/Opt-out States
Opt-in/opt-out states essentially means that employers will need employee permission to change pay stub access types. For example, if you want to move from printed stubs to electronic stubs, you'll need your employees' permission.
Some states might also have no requirements when it comes to pay stubs.
Make Pay Stubs Easy With a Pay Stub Creator
A pay stub creator helps make record-keeping for both employers and employees extremely easy. They also help to ensure the accuracy of payments and are ultimately beneficial for everyone.
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