Chiddy Bang
Never Graduated
[Verse 1: Chiddy Bang]
Yea, I never graduated
This for all them Shawties that never gravitated (damn)
And I be sick, and I be kinda agitated
I finger f**ked her when I rather masturbated
I was iceless, lyrically trying to be the nicest
And chasin yo dreams, man that sh*t is priceless
Once you get a hold, you gotta squeeze like a nice script
My vice is letting my life drip, on like the nicest
I vacate in Nigeria, yeah I might trip
House full of candles, n***a didn`t have a light switch
Go to vet, bought about a stream
`Cause we`re makin right so we gotta buy the beams, Yao Ming
Barely sh*t in they stomach
All natural so they pop with me, live to 100
And it`s crazy how the rackin but livin abundant
Guess they remind me every day that I`m livin for something

`Cause I`m a dropout anyway
No, I never graduated
We`re all dropouts anyway
But that doesn`t mean that we will never make it

They say we`ll never learn til we fall
What makes you think we hear you call?
There`s no way that you can change us all
Ain`t nobody gonna tell a soul

There he go again with his normal life
Tryin to make work but he never does it right
Is it all pretend? Are we ignorant?
Either way we always seem to turn out different
There`s no code to this life
We don`t do what we`re told to
Like we`re supposed to
Oh yea

[Hook x2]


[Hook x9]