United Kingdom
9 Elements
[Intro: Popa Wu (Terra Tory)]
Yeeahh, where my all motherfuckin n***as at y'all?
They say U.K. can't do that shit, them n***as crazy..
N***a please!
Yo! Yeah! U.K. motherfucka!
One time, U.K. motherfucka!
This is for real y'all
(Yeah, U.K. motherfuckas, that's safe for the God
43 Queens, ShaCronz, bring on the Gods
Yo, yo, yo.., Far Rock, n***a)

[Terra Tory]
You never know respect for a thug, I know what you on
Dead wrong, dick in they palm
Who be that n***a, who runnin forth? Know where y'all are
Got beat told, but 42-0, thuggin you learn
Hit with a slug, you never return, n***a
And if you a thug, then you gon' learn, n***a
Triggas get pulled, and I never get touched
Me and my Gods rush, playin ya cards, knowin ya pushed

[Free Murda]
You wanna sleep, sleep in a box
Squeezin them Glocks, swingin at ox
Blazin at cops, pushin them rocks
On a block bitches lips on the cock
Weed spots hot, cuz n***as snitchin on stop (Ya heard?)
Push a chrome Accura, with the sunroof on top
Like rain, n***as drop once the Taurus was cocked
Get back like rosaries, guns Toss 'em Up like Jodeci
No n***a ownin me, snitches don't get close to me
I keep the steel blue like Crips
Fags in jail runnin they lips, guess it's you the slugs rip
Sparks fly constantly, throwin dark Bacardi
In a party n***as pull the ax like Bill Cardi'
Yo, what's the fuckin deal?
Crew do pedal pots, pump crills
Sha puff lye and chill, cop pies and build
Kill one with bolt, my squad toke
Never hesitate to blaze toast, regulate on A-trains
Take change, to murder hosts with a twelve men team
12th lean, sit back, relax, sip the cash and C.R.E.A.M
In the Ac' gettin my lungs dirty, mergin
Castles hate ain't like curtains, no birth, in the mall flirtin

[Interlude: Popa Wu (I-Born)]
Man, fuck that shit man (Billy Box)
Bunch of fuckheads runnin around like some silly ass n***as
Talkin 'bout we can't do this, and we can't do that
Man fuck that, this is Popa Wu shit

Shit change when Billy the boxcutter, Buck 50 the spot runner
Gon' be a hot summer, stuntin the four runner
Tradin the gun, for the boxcutter, Billy
Sillies with a Mac milly, always know the dilly
And what n***a? Afro 70 strut, n***a
Beer bubble stuff and uncut, jungle sensai
Bootleg Remmy and stagger, stick switch, stuff the dagger
Next they drag her with a crumb in his asthma pump
Lumps with a safety off, mates screamin "Make me boss"
Toss accurate, kill with shit, have to kick
[Black Venom]
American thief, three-hundred, Miss Pelican Brief
Rebel in me, occupants, metal and fleets
Settle in streets, lock 'em in a Tianamen street
Recommend sleep, never witness skeleton beef
The elements leak, organisms close to the death
Holsters are kept, concealed steal, soke 'em and wet
Provokin the threat, plans stay open and set
Scopes on the head, caught cops, watch 'em, smoke 'em and step
Broken a sweat from dreams that I've seen while dozin
Meanwhile frozen and trapped in a penal closen

Yo, what's the deal? Ty-Jigs corrupt the ill
Clutch my steel, U.K. bust at will
Lust for mills, front, get touched like brail
Four-hundred trucks, Land of the Lux, the ledge, custom grill
Code of the streets, roll deep holdin my heat
Creep most, freakin code on the phone with my peeps
Zonin on beats, known for the dough that I keep
Platinum watches now, used to rock gold on my teeth
Bonin a freak, red bones moanin in suites
Hoes in fatigue, alone poppin Moe' on the beach

[Interlude: Popa Wu]
Yea, now y'all check that shit out, motherfucka
Yea, one for your mind, motherfucka
Y'all thought we can't do this, what?
What? Do that motherfucka
Shit, ShaCronz in the house, I. Born
Prodigal Sunn, all my motherfuckin n***as in the house
That's dope and y'all said we can't rock this shit
Get upon it, motherfucker, n***a please!
The black chamber, 10th Chamber, black Pyzone
Bullets get thrown, double at your chrome k-toned
Fort Greene's the murder scene, where I rest my dome
TNT, chrome baby gotta flow it and roam
Rome leaves roll the streets, bare feet on the stone
Crunchin my grape, givin me strength, bitch and jaw bone
Death before the dishonor, partner your head'll get blown
Even if you're holdin, and ridin the stolen
My light'll be shown, semi-auto, Rover, it's on
U.K. till the day that I'm dead and gone
Told to fold on, Rose John gets the bone
Hold on, you get toned from your head to your cone

Crab on my neck, iced out, heavyweight
Talk slick at a dice game, fuck your roll up
Side bettin now you vexed, team lookin upset
Drop my specs, reach for my tec, on purpose
I know you n***as nervous, I know you heard of us
U.K. murderers, rap assassinators
Let's get it on like Gladiator
Take it to the streets and punk out like the Terminator
Nesto, keep it hot like a radiator
Get your whole team stuck like a elevator
Extortion, always in with my Porsche and
Plottin plus schemin on spots in Boston, out of town, n***a

[Prodigal Sunn]
In these black streets we pack heat and stash sheets
My heart beat is like stone, steal and concrete
Mental athlete, I smack defeat and crack cheeks
Front and scream in peace, we leave your whole click deceased
I break break with Shinobi, Israel the golden shield
Shalik, Jah Jamique, I compensate with Iron Sheik
King Masada, that never ever win the God Father
The rollie author, visual rapper, the Pearl Harbor
Superficial lava, burnt the city of Gomorrah
Due my life of horror, I spoke the tongue of the lawyer
My holy aura generates the blood of the Tora
And if you out of order, you can't escape from my slaughter