United Kingdom
United Kings
[Intro: Hell Razah]
Yo, son, I've got something to tell you, you know what I'm saying?
Because when you're going to be a great speaker
You know what I'm saying?
A wise man told me to be a hero of your own tongue
You know what I'm saying?

[Verse 1: Dreddy Kruger]
True indeed, I hug tracks like my seed
Aside, wack MC's do me nada
King Soloman the great came to evaporate the hate
Yeah you, you know you're power-u
You recognize the voice but it damn sure ain't Kru'

[Verse 2: Timbo King Fam]
Intensify the pressure, my swordsmanship rules the globe
With ancient war strategies, signals from royal coves
The golden, chosen, tribe from Medina
United Kingdom, righteous leaders
The queens greet us with peace
My east ages style conquers Greece

[Verse 3: Hell Razah]
We drop the jewels that make the world know... Kings
We drop the jewels that make these MC's... vibe
This be King Constantine from the Maccabees, what?
United Kingdom, now build or destruct
I cuff my handcuffs, there'll be money to discuss
This poor Sun of Man used to rule like King Tut'
We could battle til you're bankrupt, fill your tank up
Come and see me from my practice, the young baptist
With a gun under the mattress, to burn my matches
When the war comes don't look for faxes, ashes to ashes
We're jumping out of car crashes, feed the masses
[Verse 4: Snuggle-Up]
Yo, the read up will keep my stee up
I be the Snugg-Up, yo, shut up
Your quarter, illusions, contusions
Confusions, so I ask what are you doing?
Calm down that booing 'cause what you thought wasn't amusing
Coins, different personalities, make you burn calories
Once I finish you, the signature like an art gallery
Got batteries in his back, but it wasn't a new pack
It's like a car with no gas trying to go real fast
I'm letting you know from the ghetto, MCs you'll be petro
You'd better take the metro, before I'll give permission to let your
Ass just chill and stand around me
And If I didn't, I'm admitting, I'm a Coin MC
And to the tower we'll be doing this naturally
Because you devils keep trying to white castle me

[Verse 5: Prodigal Sunn]
Yo, I watch an adversary come before me
With imaginary mind stories, call me the god of glory
Son, you bore me with them sob stories
Stationary in my sector, sipping nectar
Mental perfector, light injector, the star catcher
Stay stimulated, updated, rated in my climbing hood
You read the stative, frustrated, haters up to no good
You wish you would, could, never understood
The facts of life, get your shit right
Be the first to lose your windpipe
Trying to fight the Brooklyn Knights
You get blown like the kite
When I strike that ass with light it's similar to dynamite
I'm in or out of sight, MCs taste of Fright Night
I'm like that Ike and the Tina Turner, carry your burner
[Chorus x4: Hell Razah]
United Kings making power moves by all means
The truth is the proof to see clear through all schemes

[Outro: Hell Razah, (Prodigal Sunn), {Snuggle-Up}]
What's up? You know what I'm saying?
The fake-ass n***as. Mooncycle
You know what I'm saying?
1998. Brooklyn Zu. Word up. (the Fake Apostles.)
When we drop it's like a bull drops. {Rose Family.}
All y'all n***as is waiting for
(Begga Clan) You know what I'm saying?
Father Lord. Peace to the rest. Word up
(U.K.) You know what I'm saying?
(12 Jewelz. U.K.) You know what I'm saying?
San Diego. It's how we're doing it
All you wait for in Bethlehem. Brooklyn it is
You know what I'm saying? And we're out. Word
{United Kings. United Kings. United Kings.} (United Kingdom.)