Com Truise
Never gave a damn bout the other team
Fully composed so, nothing really troubles me
Helped you on your feet when you was struggling
Even dapped your hand like a brother thing
I tried to shake your girls hand too (hand too)
But she wanted a hug
From that look in her eye I knew what was up
Had respect for you man I wouldn't have fucked
But you still had thoughts (had thoughts)
Of me penetrating ya lady
Sit and simmer on it daily
Different ways you can play me
Got a little news for ya
Nuggets still nuclear green like some ninja turtle ooze aura
Double spanish girls ride in the coupe with me
2 Dora's (2 doors like the coupe you fuck)
And they down for some exploration
Please proceed with your explanation
Where was I
Eat some stems, eat some caps, get bug-eyed
Talking fungi
Take a time out, from reality
Get closer to your roots, Jimmy Fallon's team
Enemies and friends I am balancing
It's not my enemies that worry me
Protect me from my friends, from my friends
My enemies don't worry me, worry me
Protect me from my friends
Protect my from my friends