Com Truise
O.G. to Me
[Verse 1: Scarface]
Stupid ho's that I use to fuck around wit
Way back, see a n***a now and they say that I changed
Put another notch in the game
You watchin the range, I'm floatin
And ain't no stoppin the rain
Cock and I aim, I see you bitches jockin the name
Boppin to fame, a crooked n***a droppin in pain
Rockin a cain, back up bitch, you blockin my lane
Tryna foul on a n***a cause you hot in the flame
Fuck you, and them ho ass n***a's you run wit
Fuck your whole street, you ain't no motherfuckin O.G
Cause O.G. means, means you a original gangsta
Understand pure motherfuckin man
Ain't no police or judges
Just n***a's holdin grudges
You mark ass bitches is low budget
Straight traitor's, so fuck you and the glass that you puff on
Don't smile in my face, when you see me get the fuck on
Dope fiend ass n***a, tryna to get a free check
Talkin that shit, but you's a motherfuckin bitch
So when you see a n***a on the flip duke
I'll flip you, you must be smokin dip fool
Nothin but a bitch fool

"Means, Means you a original gangsta
Understand pure motherfuckin man"
[Verse 2: Jayo Felony]
Call baretta's on my dog, n***a's get sweated for they shit
If all a law enforcement, n***a's get deaded for that shit
Thought you was a street n***a, pulled a heat n***a at that
Come to find out was a cunt that got slapped, and didn't scrap
Cuz, you know what motherfuckers like you do wit n***a's on the set
Finish fuckin face and leave ya clean cut shirt wet, and jet
Cuz, I'll smack the shit outta ya bitch ass you wanna run to the one's
Tell em about the cash and the stash, and were I got my guns
And you know I'm the bird man, cause I sold so much coco
Beware of the crack pipe, that's by far in ya life
I got heroin by the balloons, kabooms, and mushrooms
And my 38.specialist puttin banker's in they tomb's
I'm one, shot, killed, and these bullets all go
And you takin finger print's, and mugshots photo's
I use to beat bitch n***a's till they face turned blue
But they get weak in dice water, and pedal you in the sue
And it's true

[Chorus x5]
"Means, Means you a original gangsta
Understand pure motherfuckin man"

[Interlude: Kurupt]
YEAH! Gangsta shit, Kurupt, Young Gotti, Daz Dillinger, Jayo, Face
Fuck all these bitches and these punk ass n***a's
Out this motherfucker n***a, they ain't talkin bout shit
[Verse 3: Kurupt]
The chronical, psycho, brain bender busta
Fucker, sucka ass punk motherfuckers
Tommy the talent tucker, calico conseler
Daz the real dealer, motherfuckin busta killer
Facin all you n***a's, Scarface n***a
Chase, erase, replace and waste n***a's
Shake, crack, and brake, no mistake n***a
Fuck em, stick em, stuck em, Chucks laced n***a
Fat laced n***a, blue fat laces n***a
Me and the homie's all on paper chase n***a
Kurupt Young Gotti, 6-4-4-5 me
???pistol cocker, cocked and blast
Start shootin like John Stockton
Popped em, and dashed, fast and freaked
So fast instant??? is splashed
Fo' life, somethin I ain't gotta say twice
Step cuz, cause bustaz get rolled like dice
Uh-uh ass though, ice n***a, flow better then
We comin to California shinin

[Chorus x3]
"Means, Means you a original gangsta
Understand pure motherfuckin man"

[Verse 4: Daz]
On my side of the world it's lo-lo's and jheri curls
Smokin water by the pearl, runnin the street wit double earl's
I did it all 'fore I can see, walk, and crawl
Made it out the ghetto, bustin a male, so I can wet y'all
Took a while 'fore I ball
Wanted for eight or nine murder's and spoke came
For cocaine, raw game, another die for what he claim
And where I'm from they know my name, I cause lot's of static
Automatic's and canic's, and n***a's start to panic
Ain't no ruler's or leader's runnin the set
Outta respect we G's, YG'S, and O.G.'s connect
Fifteen, sixteen in a chevy we roll
Get you full of hole's, god dog, you scream echo's in fo-fo's
Who dare to mack wit the tarantula and scorpion
Brought you in the depth's of danger when I tortured it
I love it when the bustaz squealin
And they chrome start spillin
Then ya start the grinnin, and said that n***a Daz did it
[Chorus until fades]
"Means, Means you a original gangsta
Understand pure motherfuckin man"