Com Truise
Park Assist
[Verse 1: CASISDEAD]
Can't resist, park it with the park assist
Know what my department is, narcotics, pharmacist
Farming shit, crop of Stardawg, have to harvest it
Pile of chicks when I split this shit, it's just parlour tricks
So they say I got the gift, but don't know how to harness it
See, I'm laughing cah I'm in that Targa with the harnesses (Yeah)
Bit of wood trim, wonder if I'll have to varnish it (Hahaha)
N***as starting shit, try taint your name and tarnish it
Now these kids spit, don't believe in even half of it
Talking 'bout the strip, little pricks don't know the half of it
Soft as Häagen-Dazs, hark at him, he ain't barking it
This gang shit's gone pop now, that's how they market it, it's targeted
No Lagerfeld, I'm on a lager tip
Yard look like a tip, Yard Sale Pizza boy would like a tip
Told him to invest in SIS, it's took a dip
But don't snitch, it's insidеr trading, you'll get me nicked (Haha)
Architеct, they copy, I don't miss a trick (Nah)
Narcissist, light the track up, yeah, I'm an arsonist
Arseholes, middle-class moaning 'bout how hard it is
Never seen the trap, they don't know how rough the carpet is
Too much arms house, n***as armed who need a armistice
Body armour like the army now 'cause no one uses fists
Used to lump you up, coco on your head look like a cist
You know what this is
You know what this is
You know what this is

[Verse 2: La Roux, CASISDEAD]
Now I only get there
When I'm feeling like I'm not
Deep reprise (Yeah)
And I know I'm screaming
But it seems like maybe
Now's the time
To cross that line
Where you're playing in is sequence defining
Don't pretend time is up, be a burning light
Rebuild it right
But the wind is bringing in the Napalm and I
Just see a baby crying, just see our blood
On the wall, I wouldn't sleep there, no
Nearly giving in when the belt starts to tighten
And I know your type, and I know what this is